Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dollar Signs Over Show Integrity (Once Again for The CW)...

Earlier today when it was officially announced (after weeks and weeks of speculation and pleading from CW president Dawn Ostroff) that Supernatural was renewed for a sixth season, I posed the simple question of whether or not the fans were excited on Twitter. Perhaps to some surprise, I got a genuinely split reaction. After all, just where do you go from the Apocalypse??

Some fans had trouble adjusting when the show slightly switched gears in the fourth season to deal with angels and demons instead of just the latter. The religious text that was once an undertone was thrown right out there in our faces and not everyone was happy about it (despite loving the new addition to the cast, Misha Collins). So it really shouldn't be a surprise that any other shake-up for our boys at this juncture is not necessarily a full-on welcome one. A show should be able to go out with a bang, while on top, not overstay its welcome and dissipate from relevance as if it never even mattered at all.

And I admit, I'd love to see the boys get to live out their bigger screen dreams, as well.

I have never made it a secret that as much as I love the show and one particular cheeseburger chewing, Colt-carrying, Metallicar-driving Winchester Brother, I respect the creator's original vision too much to feel good about it getting dragged out. After all, look what happened to the once-great Gilmore Girls when the CW forced an additional season on the show. Amy Sherman-Palladino opted not to continue with it, and not only were once beloved characters turned on their heads but the series didn't get to end the way its creator always intended.

Now, there is no reason to believe (yet) that Eric Kripke will not be returning with his show in the fall. However, he has been adamant about the fact that he had a very clear arc for the characters that would end in with the fifth season finale. To his credit, he has been unwavering in that path, and I salute him for it. But I fear he may have written the show into a corner, and I only hope he can stick with it (despite not really wanting to) so we don't have another Gilmore Girls fiasco on our hands (and TVs).

I feel like this situation should be akin to ABC and Lost. The alphabet network had enough respect for the creators to let them end the show on their terms, even if it meant they lost some money by not extending it by a season or two. Ostroff doesn't seem to share that kind of respect; she sees dollar signs, not artistic vision.

If you had the choice to write the arc for season sixth, what would you want to happen?

A- The Winchesters have defeated the devil and are now trying to acclimate to "normal" lives.
B- The Winchesters have lost to the devil and now try to help their hunter friends from the beyond.
C- The Winchesters have lost to the devil and are now on opposite sides of a different war in the beyond (with Sam in hell and Dean in heaven).
D- The show turns its attention on a completely new set of hunters.
Secret Option E- Write your own 'ending' (please include what it would be if you select this one)

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Jaime said...

I suppose they could go with something along the lines of the apocalypse taking longer than just this season to win, or we see the 'Croatoan' future we'd glimpsed earlier, or...they lose and we watch them continue the fight...or...I don't know. If it's not the Winchesters, though, I'm out.

PS: Kripke is in. http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2010/02/supernatural-vampire-diaries-gossip-girl-90210.html

danielletbd said...

I think the Croatoan virus would make a good movie (or good episode, as it already has), but I can't take watching a whole season of it. As it is the show is sometimes too gory and graphic for me (case in point: My Bloody Valentine's lovely opening number).

Personally, I'd love to see some sort of spin-off with Chuck the Prophet since the Ghostfacers guy are already going to be dominating the web!