Monday, February 22, 2010

Help Ensure Life Unexpected Gets Its Much Deserved Second Season...

Regardless of what side of the whole Life Unexpected fan-driven Team Baze/Team Ryan campaign** you are on, I think we can all agree that we need more of this show! Early on, Life Unexpected was being deemed a show that was a throwback to the good ole' days of the WB, when the network relied on somewhat kooky, always grounded and real, character-driven pieces to compete with the other "big three" networks. Nowadays, the newly minted CW goes for soapy melodrama or flashy supernatural worlds (vampires, demons) instead. As fans of Life Unexpected we are not saying the show should altogether replace such stylized and/or gimmicky programs, but instead we are trying to show that the two types can co-exist peacefully and create even happier audiences. Because as much as we like to live in reality, sometimes we want to escape into a more fantastical world, too. Give us Life Unexpected, and we'll stick around and give new pilots like Nikita a shot.

Though admittedly from the network things are looking good for a second season pick-up of Life Unexpected, better to be safe than sorry, right? So please sign this petition to renew the freshman dramaedy. And of course, tune in tonight at nine for a brand new episode!!

**Remember, you can still purchase your Team Baze and/or Team Ryan tees (proceeds benefitting Children of the Night). Currently they are only available in a women's fitted tee but email me if you'd like another option and with enough demand, I will create multiple options.

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Cristal said...

That photo of a dog in a Team Baze shirt is the cutest thing ever!