Monday, February 15, 2010

I Am Not A Stalker...

...and apparently I don't even play one on the interwebs.

For all of my talk of how much I love particular celebrities, my time working in production and later on the red carpets has given me a great respect for (most of) them. I have seen up close and personal what it is like for a person's life to get picked at, pulled apart, and scrutinized under the magnifying glass that is the media. But furthermore, I have seen the fans react worse.

Though I may joke that when I see Jensen Ackles in March at Creation Entertainment's LA "Salute to Supernatural" fan convention, I will have almost two months to break him and Danneel Harris up, it's all in good fun. I don't actually think I will succeed, nor would I truly want to. They make a cute couple, and in truth, I do not know him well enough to know that we would be the perfect match I think Dean Winchester and I would be.

Though a friend of mine-- one who has actually worked with Jensen in the past-- once laughingly used the "stalker" moniker when I expressed my interest to her in going up to Vancouver for a tour of CW sets, she and I both knew that if I actually did manage to find my way up there, I would be nothing but demure, allowing my admiration for the art of the story to far outweigh my attraction to the actor. Besides, I find I can't remove my television "reporter" hat and end up preferring to talk about the inspiration for a particular scene over how many kids he wants to have and if he wants to settle down in LA or TX.

Though I may kid around with friends that I have secret plans to marry Jensen if he and Danneel split (or if I simply kidnap him and manage to get some sort of Stockholm Syndrome sympathy from him), I do not have a wedding dress lying in wait in my closet or concrete plans at getting him-- and then keeping him-- in my apartment. And perhaps most importantly, I have not claimed to already be married to him. And sadly I cannot say the same for his other fans.

Apparently, there is some woman (I believe she lives overseas) named Stephanie Ware who has been claiming to be married to Jensen for the last two years. I do not know if her claims started as a similar sort of goof that spiraled. But even if it started that way-- if she posted an "inside joke" that was read by the wrong person and reposted without a sense of irony, she is doing nothing but fueling the rumors by adding new ones to them. Not only are Stephanie and Jensen married, according to various results from a simple Google search, but she is also pregnant with his child. Or depending on when that article was posted, he may already be playing daddy to the kid (in her mind) right about now.

I don't know if she is just getting a laugh out of it or if she is really mentally unhinged, but she certainly makes me and my "faces etched into gold" heart necklace look a lot better!! I have accused myself of having a lot of great ideas before but not properly following through before, but this is one situation in which I consider that a good thing.

And no, I am not just secretly jealous that I didn't think of this first...not really. After all, if you Google my name alongside Jensen's, you will actually find a photo of the two of us together, and that's way more than I can say for his so called "wife!"

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