Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Team Baze Shirts Are Now Available!...


TEAM BAZE (Life Unexpected) Tee-Shirts Now Available for Charity

Life Unexpected, the new dramaedy from Writer/Producer Liz Tigelaar and The CW Network has become a runaway hit among fans and critics alike, spurring multiple fan sites before the show had even premiered. One fan is taking it a bit farther, though. Danielle Turchiano has created "TEAM BAZE" tee-shirts in two very unique designs for sale and will be donating her proceeds to Children of the Night.

Children of the Night is a 501c3 that is dedicated to keeping at-risk children between the ages of eleven and seventeen off the streets and out of the life of prostitution.

"The show and Liz' message in general struck a strong chord with me way back when I read the pilot script last year," Turchiano explains. "Lux is a sixteen year-old foster care kid when we first meet her; she has never been adopted, and sadly that is a more common story than not with the way adoption works within our country. So many children then become at risk to predators and pimps."

Each tee-shirt features the words "TEAM BAZE" printed across the chest with a signature quote from the character (portrayed by Kristoffer Polaha) on the back. One design reads "I just feel like I should offer you some fatherly words of wisdom . . . " and the other reads "Oh it happened. Twice." The shirts are available exclusively on Zazzle.com right now, having launched in conjunction with the airing of the third episode of the series. "TEAM RYAN" shirts will follow.

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