Monday, February 8, 2010

TEAM RYAN (LUX) Shirts Are Now Available for Charity!...


TEAM RYAN (Life Unexpected) Tee-Shirts Now Available for Charity

One week after her fan favorite "TEAM BAZE" tee-shirts became available (with proceeds benefitting Children of the Night), Life Unexpected supporter Danielle Turchiano has released her "TEAM RYAN" designs, for the same cause.

Each tee-shirt features the words "TEAM RYAN" printed across the chest with a signature quote from the character (portrayed by Kerr Smith) on the back. One design reads "Maybe you shouldn't have given her the attic!" and the other reads "Well, three out of four isn't bad." The shirts are available exclusively on right now, having launched in conjunction with the airing of the fourth episode of the series, entitled "Bong Intercepted" (aired on the CW at nine p.m. on Monday February 8 2010).

"Honestly, the idea for the shirts really came from [LUX actor] Kristoffer Polaha," Turchiano explains. "When I interviewed him about the series back in December 2009, he said that "in one episode [the fans will] be like, "Go Ryan!" and in the next, "Go Baze!"...[Fans] will get their camps, I think. There will be the Baze camp, and there will be the Ryan camp, and that's what makes interesting television."

"I started thinking about that, and about how popular the show was among certain demographics already, and I just thought there was a great opportunity to do something fun to show support for the show and the actors, and aid a great charity at the same time."

Children of the Night is a 501c3 that is dedicated to keeping at-risk children between the ages of eleven and seventeen off the streets and out of the life of prostitution.

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