Monday, February 8, 2010

TV Couples By Which To Be Inspired...

This Valentine's Day, if you find yourself unattached, as I have, allow me to make a suggestion. Don't go out and buy yourself a bouquet of flowers to have delivered to your office; don't make a dinner reservation for one; and don't even hole up in your room with the lights turned off and the covers thrown over your head. No, instead, gather your best also single friends, buy a big box of drug store chocolate and a couple of bottles of wine, and partake in a screening marathon featuring some of the best and most promising (if slightly unorthodox) on-screen couples on television today!

5. Quinn and Puck, glee - They may not be the most popular choice, as one-half of this couple thus far hasn't even wanted to acknowledge the relationship at all. However, when watching them interact, there is a clear attraction and a sweetness that neither character has been able to find with other potential romantic couplings. Puck puts on the bad boy image for his fellow football players, but he buckles down and tries the only way he knows how when it comes to providing for his unborn child. And Quinn seems to relax more around him than anyone else, as he is the only one who knows all of her secrets.

4. Leonard and Penny, The Big Bang Theory - Just once the nice guy should finish first! And Leonard is such a nice guy, he's almost a push-over. But he's sweet and endearing, and he means really, really well. And Penny, although she might seem like a dream girl perhaps at first a little bit out of reach to him, really is just the girl-next-door looking for happiness with a good, stable guy. Neither one of them lived up to the stereotypes one might assume at first glance, and in finding out who they really are underneath their physical appearances, they found some things like they liked but more importantly found some things to which they could relate.

3. Lily and Marshall, How I Met Your Mother - Dating since freshmen year of college, some more cynical might think these two can't make it considering they were so young when they first got together, and they didn't really get to see what else was out there. But they are so ridiculously similar that sometimes it's like they're the same person-- or brother and sister-- instead of husband and wife! They both get super into Halloween and wearing matching costumes; they have a "Night Night" song to sing to each other before they fall asleep; they love hosting double dates and game nights but prefer them when they feature wings, beers, and sliding down the slanted hallway; and they both like olives. Man, they are lucky they found each other!

2. Mitchell and Cameron, Modern Family - Just looking at these guys, one might assume they have been paired together for comedic effect and little else. Cameron is a big, boisterous, somewhat Bohemian guy (at least when compared with sweater-vest wearing Mitchell!) who is open with who he is and everything about his life. Mitchell is somewhat more reserved (as indicated by the aforementioned sweater-vests), a slight, somewhat subdued guy who'd rather just keep quiet than rock the boat. Yet together they are unbelievably sweet, and they balance each other out and make each other (and their audience) laugh. They are the perfect team, which bodes greatly for their young daughter, Lily.

1. Liz and Jack, 30 Rock - Okay, I know these two aren't really a couple. They have been nothing but platonic since the beginning (except for when is playing a trick on another), and that is how I feel it should be. After all, there are some TV couples who have interesting chemistry but would never work if they ever got together because they're just too different as people. Liz and Jack are one of those couples. Yet they have a rapport like that of an old, married, sexless couple who, if they ever had passion, lost it years prior and now spend most days bantering over inane nonsense. Throw in some night cheese, and that's exactly the kind of relationship Liz wants anyway!

Of course, there are many, many more (and some more obvious) that did not make this list. Some of those left off are actually some of my absolute current favorites (such as Jim and Pam from The Office!). I'll let you speculate as to who else was left off for this reason, but just know that it was done intentionally because there are some who have been in play for so many years I feel like they are "too obvious" of choices. I had to honor some of the newer kids on the block! Their relationships may be new to us, but that just means we have to make a note to celebrate them for years to come!

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