Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Would You Tell YOUR Children About Sleeping With 7 People In 7 Days?...

Last night on How I Met Your Mother, "Future Ted" (aka Bob Saget) finally asked himself the question that fans (or at least I) have been asking for the past two seasons: "Am I a bad dad?"

The episode (5.14: "Perfect Week") featured Barney (Neil Patrick Harris)'s escapades in trying to sleep with a different girl every night for seven straight nights. Hence the "perfect" streak for one straight week. And of course, since Ted narrates the story for his children, this was a tale he was sharing with them.

Now, being that his kids are teenagers in the year 2030, what they are hearing is probably not shocking at all. They've probably seen and done worse among their own peer group. The look of surprise on their faces at the end of the episode was undoubtedly one of discomfort at hearing such exploits about their "Uncle" Barney. But exploits from a friend of their father's can't possibly be worse than hearing about their fathers own exploits, right??

Let's recap, shall we? In the past four and a half seasons of HIMYM, "Future Ted" has told his children stories about threesomes, being the "other man" in his college girlfriend's life, the potential for him and Barney to sleep with the same woman, and countless "This was my girlfriend at the time and even though she didn't turn out to be your mother, we still had lots of dirty fun" summaries.

So why did this one story set "Future Ted" over the edge and force him to ask-- even if jokingly-- if he has been doing the right thing by being so open with his children? And does the mere fact that it has taken him so long to question his parenting methods mean that, yes, he is a bad father?

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