Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Evening With 'Glee'...In Pictures...

I've been "working" in entertainment news for so long now that I often miss out on the fun of being a fan of certain shows and experiencing all that attitude has to offer. For example, no matter whether I'm attending a special screening, or Q&A panel with a cast or creative team, or even a fan convention, I find I can't turn the writer part of my brain off, and I'm making mental notes for what bullet-points will make interesting facts and/or quotes in a write-up later on. Being focused on such things often takes me out of the moment while actually at the events, though.

Yesterday I headed down to the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills mid-afternoon (so early they hadn't even yet changed the marquee from the panel the night before!) to line up and wait with all of the regular folk and fans on the sunny Saturday for the glee at PaleyFest panel. I indulged my favorite hobby of photography, and these are some of my favorite (photographic) moments.

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