Saturday, March 13, 2010

First There Were Memory Boxes...

When I worked at The Corporation, I became known as "the girl with lots of toys and junk on her desk." Most simply I wanted to surround myself with as many trinkets from pop culture as possible to try to distract myself from the fact that I was stuck in a side of the industry that was all spreadsheets and H.264 formats and no creativeness or fun.

Keeping me company (and sane!) for the days and weeks on end were my New Kids on the Block action figures (the original, posable ones from 1991), my Dean Winchester (as in "Wendigo") mini-bust, my stuffed "Over The Moon" RENT cow, and my talking Kenneth the Page bobblehead. I tacked up my calendar and important contact sheets with pins featuring quotes from Friends. I draped my media credentials from Mariah Carey signings and concerts over my computer. I also began creating a mini version of Disneyland on the base of my ergonomic lamp. Hell, I even hung a photo of me posing with Jensen Ackles above my phone-- a photo which many an outside client would pass on our way to lunch and assume was a shot of me and my boyfriend. I would always smile and laugh but very rarely correct them.

At the Corporation these items reminded me of what I really loved to do and even helped inspire me to use my "down time" at my desk (read: usually five out of my eight hours a day) to write. The day I quit that job I stuffed each and every item into my tiny hobo purse until it was bursting and one of Dean's guns ripped a hole in the lining. Then I dumped them all out on my home-office child's desk (what? it had really pretty blue drawer handles and cabinet doors when I found it in Levitz...and I had been furniture shopping for about five hours and just wanted it to be over with by that point!) and haven't looked at them since.

The desk in my apartment (in the dining room where normal people have a table, but seeing as how I live alone and absolutely abhor traditional Thanksgiving dinners, I have yet to have an occasion when I need to seat more than the five to six who can find comfort around my coffee table!) is also home to a "Lucy at the candy factory" Barbie, both a Zack Morris and Jordan Knight "Ken," a stuffed Weenie, a Dundie award, a mug that says WRITER in big white letters, and both versions of the Dexter action figure. They are all things I have collected from various points and place in my life and can conjure up memories and moments accordingly. For example, Zack Morris my mother bought me when I was eight or nine years old but Jordan was purchased just last year, on eBay, because when I was a kid that was where my mother drew the line. Perhaps she thought the NKOTB dolls were anatomically correct? I checked when this one was FedExed to me in a box that showed only minor wear, complete with original cassette single that was described to be in perfect playing condition but I have no way of verifying since I have not owned a cassette player since my last boombox in the late nineties, and he is not. Her reasoning, therefore, still remains a mystery.

But the desk is up against the back wall, which means when I sit there I can't see the television. So I never sit there, and I rarely get to reminisce; all of my little tchotchkes and items of swag, which I hold so ridiculously dear, just collect dust. At the end of the month I hope to add a model '67 Impala, autographed by the cast of Supernatural, to the lot. Hopefully this will mean that if these toys come to life in the middle of the night, they can at least go for a joyride around the apartment and have some semblance of fun! Much better than being cooped up in a shoebox or giant Tupperware in the back of a musty old closet, right??

I keep saying I'm going to redecorate my apartment, though it would really be easier just to move. After all, I don't think it's too common to hire furniture movers simply to take the heavy-ass TV stand from corner of a room to another. I have already earmarked which pieces I will be selling on CraigsList if and when I finally do make the move, and perhaps somewhat unfortunately the desk is on that list. All of the items on the desk however will be lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in old Wee Wee Pad boxes, following me to whatever new dwelling and juncture I take on next in life.

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