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Kurt Fuller: The Hardest Working Actor In Television Today...

The good people at Creation Entertainment were (for lack of better word) very good to me this year! During their 'Salute to Supernatural' convention at the LAX Marriott, they arranged for me to have a one on one interview with everyone's favorite character actor and a hilarious guy in general, Kurt Fuller (the somewhat ironically evil Zachariah).

I heard through the grapevine that you are a convention virgin. Is that true? How are you liking it?
- This is my first convention. I'm liking it so far! The question and answer thing-- I was actually terrified because I play Zachariah, and I thought "Are they going to boo me or throw things at me? Are they going to separate reality from the show?"

What made you sign on this year-- now-- as opposed to last or for a convention from a previous show of which you were apart?
- Everybody on the set-- Jared and Jensen and Misha and the others-- talk about the conventions, actually a lot, and they make them sound really fun. They made them sound like they're well run, and they all enjoy it. I'm actually going to go to a convention in London, [too]. It's a fun way to travel. I'm a people person; I like talking [to the fans], so I started thinking that I should try one. They'd asked a lot, so I said yes, and here I am!

And we're definitely glad to have you. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday: meeting hundreds of people who are automatically happy to see you! And I think what everyone is wondering is what part of a part Zachariah has in the end of season five. For example, will you be in the iconic 100th episode?
- I am in the hundredth episode. It's a big episode! I can tell you it's a very big episode; it starts catapulting toward the final episode. It's big. It's BIG.

Will there be any major changes to Zachariah as he nears the end, so to speak? I mean, time is kind of running out in terms of getting what he needs from Sam and Dean.
- Zachariah is losing his subtlety. Everything he has tried has not worked. If he was smart, he would take another avenue. I worry that he's not as smart as he could be. I try and make him smart, but he is who he is.

So what other tactics will he try then?
- I will tell you this: he's going to try and use other people who might get to Sam and Dean, since I can't get to them.

Interesting. Other people as in ones who are still alive or...?
- You know what, no one's ever really alive or dead on Supernatural. Anybody is fair game.

Well, that is definitely something to think about! Are you-- you Kurt, as an actor-- Team Destiny or Team Free Will?
- I am Team Free Will! But Zachariah is Team Destiny. [Thinks for a moment] But you know what, you think about your life: you planned out your life and said this is what I want to do, this is where I want to go, this is who I want to be, this is who I think I'm going to meet...and as you've gone on, nothing has happened exactly as how you say you wanted it to. There is a destiny, you know. You have [some] free will, but you can't always pull [everything] off. I don't think things can be one or the other; stuff happens, and you don't know why-- stuff that you think is going to mess you up turns out to be the best things. Sometimes we do it for ourselves: we make lemonade out of lemons, but we don't know because it's a very mysterious world.

That is a great answer! And very true of Supernatural, and this crazy world of television in general. Which brings me to another recent project of yours that I really love: Sons of Tucson. Will you be reprising your role of the principal?
- When I first did Sons of Tucson, they were going to really use the school, but now the guy who's running it-- Matt Carlson, who's a friend of mine-- is trying not to use the school so much. If they go back, I will come back.

Congratulations on booking Leapfrog for ABC, as well. I have read a lot of pilots this year, but unfortunately not that one. Can you tell me a little bit about it?
- It's good! It's really good. I just booked it; I am meeting everybody on Monday for the first time, so I know it's being directed by Jim Burrows who's just a genius. It's an old-style four-camera show, which they're trying to bring back-- partly because one camera shows are really expensive. It costs a lot to do a single-camera half-hour, so I'm sure they'd love four-camera shows to be popular again.

It's really about two couples-- two daughters who are married, well one is getting married, and she barely knows this guy, and the other have been living together for nine years. It's really about their relationships and their fear of us. Debra Jo Rupp plays my wife. It's funny; it made me laugh, and not many things make me laugh!

If Leapfrog 'goes,' would you be able to do both that show and Supernatural next year?
- I would be able to do both but not as much. They're both being done by Warner Brothers, so they'd work it out. [But] they don't even know what will happen with season six! They're still throwing around ideas, and they don't let much out [anyway].

I figured as much, but I had to ask! And you've said you enjoy interacting with fans. Do you have a Facebook or a Twitter? Misha, Rob, and Jim are preeetty active on there!
- I have, basically, and I don't know if you've seen it advertised on TV, the Jitterbug phone.

No, I haven't seen that...
- It's for seniors and has really big buttons. I almost have a Jitterbug phone. But I am about to get an iPhone, and then I might-- because it's not good when you have to push the buttons three times to get to the right letters, and that's what I have. I will be doing that, yes. I personally like face to face contact, but like Zachariah, I see where things are going.

Kurt's wife also co-wrote a really fun novel I read over the summer, called "Beverly Hills Adjacent" about a character actor and his wife in Los Angeles and their trials and tribulations. I didn't get a chance to ask him how much of it was based on their own lives, but you should all check it out!!

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