Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mark Pellegrino Doesn't Believe His Lucifer Is All Evil...

Mark Pellegrino returned to L.A. from shooting up in Vancouver on Saturday. Sunday afternoon he was meeting and greeting fans at Creation Entertainment's 'Salute to Supernatural' convention. Some LOST fans even came out for the day simply to meet the man, the myth, the legendary figure-- and try to get a few spoilers out of him.

Though Pellegrino claimed he never really signed a confidentiality agreement at the convention, discouraging him from spilling how the seasons (and in LOST's case, the series) end, he played pretty coy anyway. However, the mere fact that he was shooting Supernatural this past weekend should mean that he's in the finale episode, right? "I'm around it-- I'm near it," Pellegrino tried to get out of truly answering my question. But I think it goes without saying that Lucifer has to be there!

But he doesn't necessarily have to be in his current vessel; after all, he is becoming more and more beat up as the time passes. And Pellegrino says it will only get worse as time goes on. "It's kind of gross; I don't know what I want to describe it!" He laughed. "Basically, he's falling apart!"

Zachariah isn't having any luck currently trying to get Dean to agree to become a vessel, and so far neither has Lucifer with Sam. Pellegrino said "Lucifer has to adjust to what's going on, definitely." However, he wouldn't comment on whether or not he would be using people from the Winchester boys' past (either alive or dead) to get that commitment the way Kurt Fuller said Zachariah would.

When asked if he was Team Destiny or Team Free Will, Pellegrino admitted that "I personally am a big believer in free will. If there is a God, I think God gave us free will for a reason. I think you can only be a moral being if you have free will to choose between right and wrong."

Such a statement works for both of his current shows, and Pellegrino put it best when he shared that he believes all of the characters he plays are good. "I have to find a way to make a character that would be considered evil good and moral. For me, the thing about Satan's story that's really interesting to me is betrayal and revenge. In essence he was betrayed by his father and his brother and sacrificed for a lesser moral being: man." Pellegrino has performed in Hamlet which features similar themes, and he admitted he can relate to that kind of passionate justice and therefore draw on such emotions to make the characters more complex.

Therefore, Pellegrino agrees with Terry O'Quinn, who has said that it doesn't really matter to him if his Not-Locke character is supposed to be good or bad. The most interesting characters are the ones with layers, after all. "I make him good; I make him pursuing the things he needs to...I leave the judgment to the people who are watching it."

Besides, when you get into a heavy, high level of iconic figures, there are things that they do, according to Pellegrino that may seem evil, but "that distinction between good and evil is so blurry because there's a vision involved that we can't see. I'm sure there could be a lot of juries that could convict God, but there's a lot of elements to the universe."

Pellegrino is in a unique position for an actor. He is simultaneously starring on two separate dramas for two separate networks, and playing iconic figures in them both. Yet come May, he may be out of two really great jobs, but he won't be completely out of work. Pellegrino picked 30 Rock as a dream project, and he recently auditioned to play an upcoming boyfriend of Liz Lemon (she just gets all the good ones these days!!). He doesn't yet know if he received that role, but he is also currently working on a film: "Is that destiny?" He asked.

Pellegrino also told me what Variety already reported, that he will be starring in a new indie film, shooting this summer. The film is called Joint Body and is about a parolee who strikes up a friendship with a stripper, saves her from an assailant, and is forced to confront the demons of his past because his ex-wife is banning him from contact with their child.

Pellegrino likes iconic parts and is more than willing to take on yet another one. "A friend of mine asked me to read "Blood Meridian" by Cormac McCarthy. I love his work in general, and they've asked me to play the part of the judge, who's also an interesting, bizarre, iconic character, and I like that a lot. That may be coming down the pike, too."

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