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A Q&A With Lux Herself, Britt Robertson...

After wrapping the first season of Life Unexpected, the show's titular hero, Britt Robertson, should be able to just hang out with her friends, family, and little dog at home. Instead, though, she is still fielding questions left and right about just who Lux and Cate will 'pick' romantically and what we can expect from the upcoming episodes, which include an infamous winter formal and a family vacation. For "My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture," Robertson was kind enough to weigh in on some of the hottest button questions from fans of the show:

Congrats on finishing the filming of season one. What were some of the most fun scenes you shot that we still have to look forward to?
- I'll tell you, I was, like, deathly ill for the last two weeks of filming. It was the worst, but it actually made for some very funny moments. However, one of my favorite scenes to film was in the second to last episode: Baze and Lux and Cate go on a road trip. Those are some of the most fun scenes to film because the three of us hardly ever get to have scenes together. Some of them were emotional; some of them were funny; but it was awesome to just have the scenes with the three of us because that never happens!

The last episode is a huge episode with a lot of really shocking, surprising moments. It was just fun to film because we knew how exciting it would be to see eventually. You have a lot to look forward to!

That sounds great! I definitely enjoy Monday nights much more now that this show is on! Lux kind of bounces between different worlds with Bug and Tash, Jones and the kids in her new school, and her parents; which for you is the most challenging to go outside of yourself to play?
- Probably the relationship the relationship she has with Cate. I think that's probably the most challenging because, you know, I can relate to having boy problems or friend problems, but the relationship that she has with Cate is the most difficult. Especially in the next couple of episodes! You always want to be true to the character, and the challenge came to be truthful to who Lux is and still keep the scene interesting and complex as well.

Liz has said that she based some of the show, and the character of Lux herself, on her own personal experiences growing up as an adopted kid. Has this influenced your performance?
- Definitely in the beginning moreso than now, I think, because Lux has sort of evolved into a sort of new person, per se. But in the beginning I called Liz all of the time to be like 'How do you feel about this?' or 'What do you think about that?' Because a lot of it is tone and how she would address certain things with Cate and Baze and Bug and Tash and her second family...Liz couldn't always be on set with us, so I just wanted to make sure she was getting everything she wanted.

How does it feel to "go back" to high school in this show? You've been acting for so long, did you ever even really have a quote-unquote normal high school experience?
- I actually was home schooled even before I was an actor. My mom was deathly afraid of the public school system in our area so she home schooled me. I never really got much of a school experience, but I did go to a prom and all of the fun stuff.

Do you think if you had a traditional high school experience you would have been as much of a chameleon as Lux?
- I don't know that I'd be that brave. Lux takes initiative, but she's been in different schools and has met different people her entire life. I don't know if I would be as forthcoming as she is...but I say go for it! I can't fully relate, but it's awesome to play.

The CW is known for incorporating the new, cool trends and up and coming artists in all of their shows, and Life Unexpected is no stranger to that! How much of Lux' taste in clothes or music has been influenced by the things you really like?
- Liz and I actually share pretty much the exact same iTunes library. There was a song in the pilot episode, and she had actually already picked it for the show, but I came to her and said 'Oh my gosh, you have to put in "Can't Go Back Now" by The Weepies. You have to! It's so perfect for the show!' And she was, like, 'Done! Already in there.' Music is a really important thing for shows because it makes the show half the time; it tells the audience how to feel and what kind of tone [we're going for], so for me it's really important to this show. It's just great that we're on the same page!

You have been quoted publicly before as being on "Team Ryan." Why? And in your real life, do you go more for a Bug, Jones, Baze, or Ryan?
- Okay, let's talk about this! I got an email from Kris Polaha a couple of days ago and he was like 'What's the deal: you're picking Team Ryan!?' And that's not the case; I've had to make a couple of retractions! What I said was that if I, me, Brittany, personally was to have to pick Ryan or Baze-- for me-- I would pick Ryan because there's a lot of taming involved with Baze. He's like a small child! You have to sort of, like, raise him and nurture him, and make him into this guy that you want him to be, whereas Ryan is already a man. He's already who he's going to be. There's no molding, sculpting...I wouldn't be up to the task of molding Baze; I just want a pretty nice man! I would pick Ryan if I was me, Brittany, in Cate's case.

I think Lux is obviously Team Baze because he's her dad. She wants her dad to be happy; she wants her mom to be happy, so I think it's whoever is going to [make them] happy for the situation.

My mom is a huge Bug fan, so I'd probably just have to go with my mom's advice and stick with Bug because he's been there since the beginning. The thing about Jones is that he's this sweet guy who really really cares about Lux and that's appealing, too. I don't know if I could really honestly choose because they're so completely different.

Liz has mentioned she has begun to flesh out arcs for season two. If you could guest write an episode, what is a storyline you'd like to tackle? What would you like to see happen to Lux and her new family next year?
- I have no idea what's happening with season two! I couldn't even imagine! The way that season one ends, it could go a million different ways. You know, I don't write; I'm not so good at it! I have no idea what's going on; I'm so excited to find out, though. I don't necessarily have a preference; I'm just looking forward to finding out where [she] takes it!

Life Unexpected stays in its new timeslot tonight, only on The CW. If you still have a burning question for Britt Robertson, will be hosting a Live Chat with her this Friday, March 19th at 11 am PT/2 pm ET. Find out all of the info on how to log in here.

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