Sunday, March 28, 2010

Travis Wester Previews The Ghostfacers Web Series At Creation Entertainment's LACon...

"A couple of years ago, I think it was '08, we went down to Comic Con and did a little fun thing with the guys, and someone asked the question of if the Ghostfacers were going to come back, and Kripke said "Stay tuned." Travis Wester kicks off a mini Ghostfacers junket in Los Angeles last week. "Of course at that point we had already discussed the idea of doing a web series, and we worked and we worked, and we worked, and it took awhile to get it there, but we shot it a few months ago, and we'll be posting it [soon]."

Moments later Wester revealed that the web series will premiere on on April 15th, the same day as Supernatural's 100th episode airs! The lucky fans who attended Creation Entertainment's 'Salute to Supernatural' convention during the last weekend in March in Los Angeles got a sneak peek at the web series, including the introduction of the new intern! There was still the same humor as the boys bumbled around a bit (when coming to a box of old dusty film reels, they seemed surprised to learn what was inside were screen tests...even though the words SCREEN TESTS were scrawled in giant Sharpie along the side of the box), and a hint of mystery as just the smallest glimpse of the dead starlet (guest star Kelly Carlson)'s ghost was seen in a mirror.

The guys didn't shoot any original footage at the convention, the way they did at the special Ghostfacers convention in York a few years ago (where they also brought out Misha Collins as a special guest), but they did have lots of laughs...and some more previews.

Mircea Monroe, for example, will play the new intern, "hired" solely for her, uh, attributes. "She's really hot," Wester spills. "It creates tension... Coming from personal experience of being a total geek and stuff, when I'm hanging out with all my geek buddies and then a hot chick rolls up, there's a real intense tension because no one knows how to act around a hot chick. I think we kind of wanted to explore that...Mircea was great; she was just hilarious!"

Monroe has a background in stand-up comedy and just did a televised sketch show, so she was kind of a no-brainer hire once she came in to audition because the guys needed someone who could riff with them since the nature of the show is pretty loose and improv-y.

And Wester laughs when asked how closely the web series may tie into the future of Supernatural. "I think, honestly, Kripke will be the decider...They're doing a pretty intense story arc, so obviously we still live in the same universe, and we make reference to the bigger show, but I think should this go further-- and hopefully we'll get to continue into [a second web season]-- then we'll sit down and really figure some stuff out."

Where would the guys like to see the guys go should they get that second season? Wester would like to see them "develop into the persona that they have sort of set up for themselves-- legitimize their facade...They're sort of "We know what we're doing; we know what we're doing," but they sort of still don't. It would be nice over the course of the property to see that trajectory."

Of course since so much is up in the air about season six of Supernatural, Wester acknowledges they could always return to that bigger show anyway. But in the meantime, why should people tune into the web series? "Let's put it this way," he breaks it down. "If I was a fan of Supernatural, and I loved the Ghostfacers episode, I would love the web series. If you hated the episode, you're still going to like the web series! Trust me."

If you missed my first interview with the Ghostfacers guys, feel free to give it a read! It was conducted a few months ago, so they were a little more guarded about spoilers, but it was still a fun time, and I think that comes across!

And believe it or not, I have MORE from Wester-- with AJ Buckley, too! (they just gave me such good stuff!)-- coming up in the next week or so, so stay tuned!! In the meanwhile, though, you can still enter to win an autographed tee-shirt from Wester and Buckley... I am shameless with my plugs and tie-ins!

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