Monday, March 15, 2010

Win A Dick Towel From 'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!'…

A few weeks ago, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton Tweeted a photo of him on set with hip-hop legend Kool Keith. He very simply and very cryptically mentioned that Keith was "doing a lil' work for RCG right now." With the sixth season of the hit comedy series in production, that could have meant oh so many things! Well, "My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture" has the scoop for you! It turns out Keith was filming a new music video for Howerton & Co's creation: Dick Towel.

Yes, folks, for those of you who were too lazy to check out the website the #sunnyfx gang flashed on their screen during the fan favorite episode from last season, "Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens," Dick Towel, the rival product to Charlie's kitten mittens, is a real thing. They are being sold in two versions "white or black" and with three very unique looks on each towel.

Keith's music video premieres on the website TODAY. Make sure to check it out!

But in addition to giving me the scoop, the gang has also graciously donated a few Dick Towels (I feel like I need to add a trademark symbol here, but I don't know how to add special characters in this blogging template, so just please don't sue me!) for a special prize giveaway! If you are the ultimate Always Sunny fan* and want to win one, all you need to do is ReTweet my original Tweet about this music video/contest. Simple enough, right? You can do it as many times as you want, but only the first one will be entered into the grand drawing so you don't have to worry about some unemployed guy (or gal) with nothing else do to entering hundreds of times a day and knocking you out of the running.

Winners will be notified by Direct Message on Twitter, so make sure you are also following me after ReTweeting! And if there is a diehard fan out there who doesn't use're missing out! The entire case is on there! But if you don't, and you still want a chance to win, you can enter by posting this link on your Facebook status and leaving me a comment right here to let me know you've done that. And if there is a diehard fan out there who doesn't use Facebook really need to join 2010!

*...Although, if you really are the ultimate Always Sunny fan, you should have already bought one!


loveless said...

I really want to win! I retweeted and followed. :D

danielletbd said...

Thanks! I will be drawing the winner in about a week so check back!!

Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

video is live on