Thursday, April 8, 2010

100 Episodes of 'Supernatural' = The Point of No Return...

Clips from the famed 100th episode of Supernatural, entitled "Point of No Return" are here! Yes, it's true that tonight's ("99 Problems") episode hasn't even aired on the west coast (where I am) yet, but I couldn't hold back; The CW has stayed mum for so long about this episode, afraid of spoilers. I just had to check it out. And I wanted to share with all of you. If you want to wait, this link will live here permanently, so feel free to press play at any time in the future.

If and when you do watch, though, be sure to look for the cute nods to the landmark episode they make within the scenes, especially this first one. Dean still has daddy issues; Bobby still has all the answers; and the show still has its humor! Oh and Jake Abel will be guest-starring again (though he's not in these clips), and Misha Collins is a bad-ass (evidence below in the third one)! This is sure to be epic!!




"Point of No Return" airs next Thursday, April 15th at 9 pm only on The CW. That's the same day the Ghostfacers will debut their new web series, and you can still enter to win their autographed tee-shirt giveaway!


Crystaline said...

OMG THAT LAST CLIP. I don't think I can properly process it right now. GUH. CASTIEL, NEVER STOP BEING SO AMAZING!

Nicole said...

Oh I've been so good at keeping spoiler free...I can't click on them but I so want to see them.

I can't wait for the 100th episode.