Thursday, April 1, 2010

David Boreanaz On The Challenges of Directing & The Challenges of Booth/Brennan...

Bones fans-- specifically Booth/Brennan fans-- are going to really enjoy the hundredth episode of the series ("The Parts in the Sum of the Whole:), which star David Boreanaz also directed. The episode flashes back to the younger days of Booth, Brennan, Angela Montenegro, and even Zack Addy to see how they got to where they are today. It features some nice formulative moments between the characters, as well as a couple (yes, more than one) awaited-with-bated-breath relationship moments between them.

On a conference call earlier this week, Boreanaz was confident that the milestone episode would be a surefire hit with fans. "We [get to] see both those characters grow from the past and where they came from into the future to where they're going next," he explained. "The insight that I had initially going into it, knowing the storyline, and sort of knowing how I wanted to do those moments, I think that the audience is going to be very pleased. I mean, I certainly was!"

Boreanaz admitted that he didn't know the episode he directed would be either a flashback-driven one, nor the hundreth, a landmark for any series, when he first decided to step into the behind-the-scenes role. "I wasn't privy to what the episode was going to really be about until sixth or so into this season. It was kind of just luck of the draw but so gracious," he said, also adding that the challenges he faced as a first time director were not necessarily unique to the fact that he was making history within the series. "I think it's always challenging to look at a script and make it your own while maintaining a sense of what the style of the show is. It's a challenge depending upon the genre and what it's about."

Some of those challenges included dealing with harsh weather for scenes that were supposed to be shot outside. "We had to think on our toes about where to put it. We found a better place inside the location we were using, which was an old theater building downtown. Really, it was a beautiful place, so we got better use out of [it]." Boreanaz is smart enough to know that even if he does all of his homework to prepare as best he can, at the end of the day, the creative process on set will change even the most crystal of clear visions! Thankfully, for him, though, it worked out for the better.

One of Boreanaz' favorite scenes in the episode was one of the last moments when he is by the cab in the rain (trying not to give away much here, folks!) because he set up a low-angle wide shot that he says "pleasantly surprised" him with what it looked like on the monitors. It is a pivotal, and somewhat emotional, scene between the two lead characters, and it is definitely one of the character-defining moments, as opposed to a procedural element on which the show started out focused.

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, Boreanaz said that for him personally, he really is "more into the relationship [and] making the show about the relationship between [Booth and Bones]. He acknowledged that the characters are more concerned about solving the cases. However, this doesn't mean he's rushing for Booth and Bones to 'just get it on already,' the way so many of the fans seem to be.

In his own words, he seems to feel that Booth and Bones have a great relationship and banter but should keep it platonic for now. After all, you want to build the tension and the chemistry; you want to see a relationship grow and evolve over time, right? Well, I'll let Boreanaz' explanation stand on it's own: "I think the two of them work really great off each other. I'm not saying I don't want to see them together; I think everyone wants to see them together in a different way, whether it's as a couple, in a relationship...For now, I still maintain that they should be partners and see what happens after the season-- where they go."

Just how far does Boreanaz think the show can go? When asked if he thinks it has another hundred episodes in it-- or if he has another hundred in him-- he didn't answer directly. "We just take it show to show, episode to episode," he did share. "You know, the future's very bright for the show. I see it as a show that's really found it's legs and can really go to some unique places."

"Booth is a blue collar kind of guy. He loves the simple things in life. If he were to find somebody who is a fit for him, and she is in the same boat, then he'll possibly entertain those thoughts." But Boreanaz points out that it will be all in due time and Booth isn't really rushing to go off and settle down as immediately as the 100th episode may tease. One of the places he would rather see the show visit in future seasons is deeper inside Booth's psyche. "He has a lot of demons that we haven't really tapped into yet, and it's worth diving into his past a little bit next season. We'll see what happens."

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