Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies: Why So Delicious?...

Last night John Mulaney showed up on "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live to rant about Girl Scout Cookies. It wasn't the "crazy delicious" rant of Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell's previous rap but it was still the kind of editorial that we've all been thinking but for some reason no one (at least not me and no one that I've found) has taken to blogging about. Take a look:

Girl Scout cookies. It seems so simple. Why wouldn't I have written about them before? I've certainly had the same conversation with friends when I get down to my last frozen sleeve of Thin Mints or b*tch that my local chapter isn't selling the Thanks-A-Lots that I love so much.

When this blog started, it was supposed to encompass all things pop culture, not just television. But television (and its stars) has always been the one facet of-- well, the world in general-- that has so greatly influenced me that it easily became the focus here. So though as I was watching Mulaney, I was nodding along and maybe even saying aloud some of my own, slightly more severe commentary-- because let's face it, Mulaney has the schtick of the "nice guy" who still kind of seems like he should strap a backpack to his back and ride off on his bike so he's not late for homeroom-- I left it at that.

But it got me to thinking: maybe I need to open this site back up a little bit more or risk copycats getting all the glory for being the "first" to share their thoughts on newer pop culture staples like Crumbs cupcakes. I can't have that! After all, I'm a cupcake connoisseur; it says so on my Facebook profile. Though if I start with just one-- Crumbs-- I know I won't be able to stop (just like when I eat their actual cupcakes!), and then this site may take a whole different turn...

So for now maybe I should just stick to posting the clips that I feel resonate most with me and my opinions. Lord knows, I'm able to find enough of those!

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