Monday, April 12, 2010

In Odder News: Nintendo Releases A 'Mean Girls' Video Game...

Continuing the Tina Fey kick of recent days, it was announced earlier that Nintendo will be releasing a DS game version of the hit comedy cult classic Mean Girls. So far the hulabaloo seems to be over the fact that star of the film-turned-star of TMZ, Lindsay Lohan, was left off the cover of the box. Nintendo instead focused on the three supporting stars who made up the Plastics and were, essentially, the original mean girls. However, I think the focus needs to be shifted just slightly to include the fact that this game is about six years too late!

When Nintendo released a Game Boy version of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York back in 1992, they did so in conjunction with the release of the film. This was a smart marketing move because it tied key merchandise directly into the project in a timely manner. Kids who left the theater during a matinee showing of the Macaulay Culkin sequel could head directly into Toys R Us to continue the experience. Those who saw Mean Girls in theaters in 2004 probably will not even realize the game is finally being released this week...unless they are already gamers, but let's face it, that movie seems to be for a completely different demographic.

And if Nintendo hopes to open their sales up to a new demographic, they should probably consider utilizing a show, movie, or actor who is a bit more relevant. As beloved as Mean Girls is, it has become something of a sad state, as it was really the last example of Lohan as a strong and healthy, talented force. As happy as fans like me are to see Mean Girls popping up in something other than a TBS schedule, games featuring Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly or Selena Gomez and her crew from Wizards of Waverly Place seem to be much better bets when it comes to actual consumers.

Other common questions and concerns thus far seem to be what will players exactly get to do in such a game? If it is based around Cady (Lohan)'s story arc from the film, will there be extra "witchy" messages in a burn book to be written or a certain number of tribal vases to be hidden before you can advance to the next level? (Sidebar: do video games even still have "next levels" these days??)

And why the DS? Why not the Wii? Something tells me the game would get a little more traction if it had the interactive capabilities of motion-sensored hair-pulling, bitch-slapping, and tripping someone so they fall face first into a garbage can.

Now this isn't to say that when I read the news I didn't immediately add a DS (and this game!) to my Amazon Wishlist. After all, my birthday is almost just right around the corner, and everyone knows I am obsessed enough with this movie that I can quote the DVD of course I need to master the game version, too. I just think it's bad timing for the release.

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