Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It Just Makes Good Sense To Back Up Your Back-Up...

Jensen Ackles is getting married next month. When I saw him at LACon at the end of March I hugged him and told him congratulations with only a small sadness in my eyes. He smiled back and thanked me, seemingly genuinely surprised by my sentiment. Does he read my blog? Or was he just worried about how the diehard fans would respond? Well, in all truth I think he and Danneel are very cute together, and they seem so happy I couldn't wish them anything but happiness. After all, why wouldn't you want someone you love to be happy??

But the events of LACon just reminded me that the clock was ticking on me finding a "back-up." On Friends, Phoebe and Rachel scrambled when Monica and Chandler announced their engagement to lock in someone each one of them could marry if they weren't already in love and married for real by a certain age. Even Jennifer Lopez has to face an alternative in the new, not-so-creatively-titled romantic comedy out in two weeks, The Back-Up Plan. Not that I ever really thought Jensen and I would get married. I'm not actually crazy. But a girl can dream.

And now that the dream is coming to an end with someone else (with my name!) walking down the aisle, I need to focus my sights on a new celebrity. My back-up, if you will. Why? I don't know. I'm twenty-five; most people, my mother included, thought I should be long-over this kind of thing by now. But pop culture and the world of entertainment has been so ingrained so deeply in my life for so long, I know no other way. So here is the list of candidates with which I have come up. Will I feel for them what I did for Jensen? Inevitably...no. After all, I literally grew up with him; thirteen years is a long, long time, and Jensen will always be on my Top 5 List anyway. Regardless of how a relationship ends, you can't forget the feelings and all of the special moments. But you can try to create even better ones with someone else.

Candidate #1 - Misha Collins (these are not selected in order of importance or preference) - He's tall, dark, handsome, and has a sarcastic, biting wit to keep things fun, light-hearted and interesting. Downside? Well, technically he's already married, and though there are rumors he and his wife have an open relationship, I don't know that there's any truth to that...nor do I know that I'd be entirely comfortable with that if it is true!

Candidate #2 - Jason Cook - Not as tall, but also dark and handsome, when Jensen left Days of our Lives at the end of the nineties, I turned my attention to Jason, who was playing Shawn Douglas Brady at the time. Needless to say we have a history, albeit a slightly shorter one, so it might be quite fitting that I turn my attention to him again now. Downside? He has been busted for a DUI and for possession of pot in the past, and everyone knows I have no tolerance when it comes to that stuff!

Candidate #3 - Mark Salling - He can sing; he can play the guitar; he has the sexy smoldering thing down. He also has a great smile and seems like a genuinely down-to-Earth guy who loves his friends, his family, his dog, and his work. What more could a girl ask for?? Downside? The mohawk would get really old really fast in photos, especially if we had to go to something formal.

Candidate #4 - Nate Bazile - Tall, dark, handsome. Damn, I have a type, and I'm beginning to wonder how blond Jensen managed to sneak his way through in the first place! Not really. Anyway, he is a go with the flow guy who's heart is always in the right place and would be really good at being the mellow to my high-strung...ness. Downside? Well, for one thing he needs a bit more work than I would normally care to put in because his intentions are good but his actions are often misguided (no pun intended). Also, he's technically a fictional character. Semantics!

These are the extremely narrowed-down selections. A lot of my choices are already married; a few are gay... What are your thoughts? Did I leave someone out you think I should re-consider? Who would YOU choose??

Who should be DanielleTBD's back-up?


Jamie said...

I was with you until Nate. If you're gonna put one married guy, why not just put two and make it Kris Polaha?

danielletbd said...

'Cause Kris is married married. Like super in love with his wife married. I only put Misha on there because of the rumor I heard that he and his wife have an 'understanding' that might allow me a chance lol

Jamie said...

Awwwww it kinda makes you love him more. Don't go all Jesse James on us, Kris! We need to believe there are good guys out there!

Jaime said...

I wouldn't believe a word you hear about Misha Collins. That guy is a compulsive liar (in a wonderfully hilarious way, but still: liar). Yet, he's by far the hottest man on your list. It's a conundrum.

Bex.2008 said...

I'm in total agreement with you on Danneel and Jensen . They make an awesome couple.

xionay said...

I would pick Misha Collins, hands down. How I love that man...and that "rumor" keeps my hopes up too. I can dream right?