Thursday, April 29, 2010

Madison for 'Modern Family'...

Last night on Modern Family, Phil's dad (guest star Fred Willard) returned for a surprise visit, showing up in the Dunphys' yard with an RV...and a puppy. Once I got over the "aww" factor, I was seeing red. After all, I've been advocating for that show to get a dog in it's cast for months now-- MONTHS! Of course, I am biased: I didn't just want any old dog on the show: I wanted it to be my dog!!

Now, for those of you who saw it, you know that the dog in question goes back home with Willard's character at the end of the episode. This leaves Claire (Julie Bowen) feeling sad and empty, as she grew quite attached to the little fur-ball while fighting him for her underwear (don't ask; just watch the episode!). And it leaves me with the perfect opportunity to swoop right in there with my own little fur-ball!

This officially kicks off my campaign to get Madison on Modern Family! Hey, if Facebook could help get Betty White on SNL-- and now attempt to get Megan Mullally on glee-- I'd be remiss if I didn't at least try!! I will be Tweeting the cast and creators of the show, who I know are hard at work already preparing arcs for season two, in order to seed the thought in their heads now that they should write in a story about a cute little Shih Tzu who likes nothing more than to curl up on a pillow and eat cookies. I will also post blogs about the progress over at my sequel site: My Life, Made Possible by Madison. I will even consider making a Facebook group or some kind of online petition for the cause. Keep your fingers crossed for us and feel free to forward this link to your friends and any "powers that be" that you may know at Modern Family or ABC in general. I'm determined to make great things happen for my little guy!!

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