Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stop Stealing My Ideas, Already Famous People!...

I've been just a wee bit envious of Jimmy Fallon of late for his brilliance in reuniting some of the casts of my favorite childhood programming. It was an idea I have had since long ago (I have even written a script called Dance Til Dusk, to make a twenty-year reunion film of my favorite made-for-TV movie), but since Fallon got his talk show first, he gets credit.

A new friend recently told me that instead of saying "I'll see ya later," he sometimes says "A.C. Slater" just to see if anyone notices. Apparently that's something Ryan Seacrest does, too. And Seacrest is the famous one, so if my new friend continues, it will look like he is copying the E! News host.

Now Fallon has taken something that I was hoping might become a staple of bloggers-- not just of me but our community in general-- to set us apart. Korbi Ghosh has "Drinking with the Stars;" I have "Wii with the Stars;" but now Fallon has "Beer Pong with the Stars."

Double Grr. But I have to admit it is funny.

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