Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who's Ready To Vogue Tonight?...

Some of the covers in glee's homage to Madonna episode are better than the original versions of the songs. Jane Lynch's dead-pan, black-and-white, almost shot-for-shot remake of "Vogue" isn't musically superior, but it has the humor we have come to know, love, and expect from Lynch after all of her years as a cult comedic heroine. And watching her match the infamous suited dance sequence is definitely glee-ful!

"The Power of Madonna" finally airs on Fox tonight at 9pm. The soundtrack to the episode is available now on both Amazon and iTunes; it comes with a bonus track ("Burning Up" featuring Jonathan Groff), which was sadly cut from the episode, if you buy it from iTunes!

And if you were one of the handful of lucky fans who got a party pack delivered by Fox to host a viewing party for this very special episode, please send pictures tomorrow morning!! For now, though, enjoy Lynch's homage in all of it's glory:

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