Thursday, May 20, 2010

The CW New Fall Shows...

I have very little to say about The CW's announced new fall programs, as announced this morning at their New York Upfront. So little it doesn't even warrant the my five cents title! Maybe it's because I've had the week to get used to them, as news of all of these shows trickled in over the last few days, leaving absolutely no surprises...and no clips or official artwork from the network sent my way (which is surprising, seeing as how over the past year they are the ones who have given me the most stuff, even when it was unnecessary and not from a show I cover!) Maybe it's also because this week (especially when coupled with last week's LOST marathon) has burnt me out a bit! Maybe it's just because I very rarely gravitate toward The CW's programming as hard as I did with this winter's Life Unexpected... In any case, here are the couple of new shows they did order to series and my equally unsurprising thoughts about them:

Hellcats brings former Disney stars into a slightly different demographic. Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale star in this Bring it On for television romp executive produced by Smallville's Tom Welling who will be pulling double duty this year while he has both shows on air-- or at least for part of the year since this seems a bit too picture-perfect a premise for The CW. It might be better suited on ABC Family. Michalka is a pre-law college student from the wrong side of the tracks who loses her scholarship due to both budget cutbacks and her mother hardships. Assumedly she joins the cheerleading team because its a paid gig, but that hasn't been confirmed nor denied by the clips the network has sent so right now the show is a bit disjointed, in addition to its cheese factor. Sharon Neal and Gail O'Grady also star.

Nikita is the network's attempt to revamp the old cult classic about a female spy/assassin out to stop the agency that created her. The cast is solid: Maggie Q brings her special skills to the titular role; Lyndsy Fonseca plays the assassin-in-training that is to be Nikita's replacement; Shane West and Melinda Clarke also have recurring roles. Of course, with any "modern retelling," this one begs the question of its necessity and relevance, especially since the 90s version with Peta Wilson was so beloved. However, the solid lead-in from Vampire Diaries combined with the Alias-style ass-kicking that television has been sorely missing gives it an actual shot. If nothing else, it has potential to be an interesting study of strong female role models in long as Maggie Q is allowed to do more than just martial arts and weapons-wielding-- but that doesn't mean I'll be watching!

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