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DanielleTBD's LOST Experiment: Day Four...

Day Four. Log.

Episodes watched: 17 today / 59 total
Episodes to go: 39
Pints of ice cream eaten: 1 + 1 frozen coconut bar

Previously on DanielleTBD's LOST experiment: The two camps from the plane met up and co-mingled into one primitive village. Hurley's imaginary friend tried to convince him the entire island was just in his mind. Sun found herself pregnant with a baby while Kate, Jack, and Sawyer just found themselves pregnant with emotion. Locke and "Henry" formed a somewhat tortured bond after Sayid literally tortured the mysterious prisoner in the hatch. No one wants to find out what happens if the numbers don't get entered and the button doesn't get pushed. Meanwhile, I have begun having dreams about planes falling from the sky again.

Woke up early today to try to step it up. This is becoming more of a chore-- one behind which I am sort of losing track of the reason-- kind of like pushing that damn 'Execute' button. Some episodes I stare at almost blankly, trying to will the scenes to speed up just so I can get to the next one. It's not entirely because the episodes bore me (though there are moments of that, as well) but because I have taken on such a big feat, and I don't want to fail, but there are only so many hours in the day, and I don't want to let this affect my normal life, like sleep schedule and stuff. It's kind of a metaphor for how I've been approaching a lot of things lately, though: I'm not "all in" in the way maybe the task requires. But I have too much on my plate today to sit and analyze what that really means, so for right now all I will say is: NEXT!

- Aw, Bernard, I love your tenacity, but have you ever actually seen or heard a plane fly over the island in all of the time you've been there? I think you're wasting your time having people haul heavy rocks for a sign. But if you decide to finish it, please make sure to write 'Help' spelled backwards so it can be read from the sky.

- There's something eerily comforting in the fact that Rose and Bernard are going to stay behind on this island. They will watch over each other but the island, too, and shouldn't that be enough for it (or for anyone, really)?

- "You're one of the good ones." Ugh, it just sucks how wrong things can go.

- Jack's father is gross. Was. Was gross. So I guess there's that. And neither he nor his son is very good at negotiation or thinking clearly. Michael for "Henry" is not the trade I would have asked for. Michael and WALT for "Henry" would solve quite a few problems.

- Um, Sayid? You're on an island so the whole thing is a beach. No need for Hurley to trek miles away or around any treacherous terrain to try to impress Libby. And I hate to break it to you, but Shannon would lay in the sun around burning wreckage, so you didn't have to try so hard, either!

- Watching Ana Lucia's back story play out right before her demise seemed to complete her story in a way the others sorely lacked-- especially Libby, who was becoming one of the more interesting people considering the way she looked at Hurley from that initial moment while hanging the tarp said she remembered him but didn't want him to remember her. Can we get a posthumous back story episode please? Maybe during the funeral she probably won't even get because she was too "new" and on disc six we're running out of time!

- Is the dead-then-alive drowned girl named Charlotte the redheaded Charlotte we get to meet later? First the "two" Helens and now this? I don't believe it's coincidence!

- Even if Locke wasn't gimpy, there's no way two men can push aside an airplane. I don't care how much adrenaline is pumping. There wasn't even a baby trapped under there!

- Ooh this second hatch has TVs! Well, you guys know where to find me! ...Oh creepy, it's like a Big Brother security system. What are the odds they had an archaic Beta or VCR down there and caught Michael's rampage on tape? No? Just notebooks? How low-tech, considering!

- Where is Desmond through all of this??

- Michael has to learn that yelling doesn't get him anywhere. If all you have is loud then you're not very effective as a communicator or negotiator. Or actor.

- When Sun says "boat" it is so stilted that it is in the voice of someone just learning the language, not someone who has been fluent for awhile. The show constantly gives her those moments, which is ridiculous for the character but also for continuity. If anything, it should be Jin's moment to be heard in this new language that supposedly he is learning but thus far he seems to only know proper nouns.

- Libby's dead husband was named David? David, like the dude who lived in Hurley's head, David? I really don't believe in coincidences on this show-- or in life, really. If the writers go to enough detail to insert specific books and images onto this island, then I can't imagine they couldn't have picked a different character name if there was no other significance. Besides, David died when Hurley shut the door on him, so...

- The pieces aren't coming together yet. Did the Dharma Initiative just set up on this island because of its remoteness for such crazy, other world type experiments? Or did they know that there was something other-worldly about the island itself and that's why they selected it?

- The thing most distressing to me about the statue is not that the rest is missing or that there are only four toes but rather the size of it. The fact that there was once the statue of a full man standing there, with a leg that big, meant the full thing should have been practically visible from space! Let's get some perspective, people!!

- Taking care of business usually means someone's going to die. I would have liked that scene to end on a gunshot. Even if who died was someone random, inconsequential, and no-name.

- Is turning the Dharma key the equivalent of detonating an atom bomb? The aftermath seems to be the same as what happened early in season six when Juliet banged the tubey on the side of the rock. In other news, my birthday is coming up, and I would like a prop Dharma key. Just for sh*ts and giggles.

- I love Stephen King, too, Juliet! I would love to join your book club. Just throw some frosting on those burnt muffins and call them cupcakes, and I'm there.

- Sorry, Jack, wrong again: being a drunk is exactly the same thing as being obsessive. An addiction is just overblown obsessive compulsive disorder. That's why so many people trade addictions: they can stop drinking but may take up smoking or over-eating. Because it's their behavior that is compulsive, and they're paralyzed to stop it.

- That is the nicest location for an AA meeting ever.

- And now we're in Titanic...

- Someone commented after one of the latter season six episodes that the show is all about the search for true love. Watching these older episodes with that idea in the back of my head, it all seems to come together. It seems to be most about the search for happiness and peace, and for so many, they cannot achieve those three things individually but only when they're all rolled together. Most hadn't found their true love or happiness when they fell upon the island-- and a few had lost track of what they did have-- and in many ways, they never would have if not for the island (even those who crossed paths earlier on the plane or whatever didn't notice each other then because they were too caught up in their own stuff). The one anomaly in this appears to be Locke...except maybe the one he needed to love more than anyone else was himself. And that he definitely achieved by being there.

- This show is just full of too many exaggerations and big promises it can't keep. They stopped pushing the button, but the world is still standing. What a rip! Though, I admit it was nice to stop hearing the constant beeping because that noise got old quick.

- Rodrigo Santoro and Kiele Sanchez' names were in the title card credits prior to actually airing in their first episode. Considering all of the horrible things I heard about their characters, this led me to groan and roll my eyes prematurely.

- Nope, NOW I have officially hit the stupid portion of this series. I will not comment on the return of the polar bear, or the random cult-like sect Locke had gotten involved in at some point (or even how said sect's campgrounds look suspiciously like the Others' fairgrounds), or even how the insertion of Paulo and Nicki, like they've always been there, still made them seem like Others who just popped up when it was convenient. Le sigh. How long does this nonsense last?

- At the end of the week, I will be building my own sweat lodge on my patio. I won't be surprised if the answers that come during the "meditation" tell me to never turn on my television again.

- Ian Gomez!! I almost didn't recognize you without your Snuggie and mug of wine...

- I zoned out during the "surgery" scene because I can't handle all the blood on this show. I know I missed something important; did they microchip him so they could always track him or something? Like a lost dog? Because those things tend to cause cancer. Anyway, when my eyes refocused, I saw a baby picture. Sawyer has a kid? Or is this just a con of her own?

- Jack didn't fight nearly as long to save this random Other as he did pounding on the chests of so many of his own little tribe. Maybe had they not kept him in solitary confinement, he would have been more willing to go the extra mile.

- WTF is up with this rabbit? All I see is food.

- I sincerely thought Eko was dead. When he spoke to Locke after Locke had all of his hallucinations, I chalked it up to just another time a spirit shows itself to a person on the island, temporarily materializing and utilizing whatever form is available to it. Yet, here he is, having a flashback episode and everything. Huh. Maybe I shouldn't have taken a break to watch glee...

- All the little kid ghosts people see in the jungle hold their fingers up to their lips and tell the people to be quiet. I see this as payback for all of the times children are told to use "indoor voices." Well, we're outside now, m*therf*ckers; we may never be inside again!

- I feel like I'm watching a totally different show now. Everything that was coming together regarding fate-- religious or otherwise-- and mechanics on this island seems to be at a stand-still. Now Juliet is talking about free will being all they really have, and that's the opposite of everything we know to be true. Is it part of the whole "I'm saying the opposite of what I really believe" or should I apply the Supernatural Team Destiny versus Team Free Will tee shirts here, too?

- WHAT? Nathan Fillion and Kate in such a bad flashback wig that I thought it was Kiele Sanchez' back story episode (maybe I just want that to come so we can get it over with and move on to better days...and episodes)?? It may be time to take another break...

- Sorry, nerdy friend of Malcolm's from Malcolm in the Middle (yes, I know on this show her name is Alex, but I'm feeling punchy this afternoon), it's hard to care that your boyfriend got killed when we didn't know anything about him and therefore didn't know if he truly was one of the good guys (of the few that actually do exist) in your tribe.

- First mention of Jacob's list: about fifty hours into the series. Who knew it would take so long to get to the core of the why and still know nothing about the who? Same for the 'deja vu' moments.

- Is the little island that Ben and Zeke and Juliet have been living on-- the one that Kate and Sawyer were trapped in cages on-- what is more recently referred to as "hydra" island? Or are we going to learn that, like Hawaii, there are actually a few smaller islands surrounding the big one of mystery?

- I thought Richard couldn't leave the island...

- Juliet is kind of a mess at this point, but so was everyone right before they went to the island. The island seems to thrive on that. It's quite the dysfunctional relationship. I am not quite sure who wants to fix people more: the island or Jack.

- Thank you, Kate; I always scream at people on TV to shoot other people on TV in the knee, but no one ever takes my advice. I knew I liked you!

- Who is Carl? Was he born on this island or was he taken from his mother, too? Does it matter? Will he be back?

- Faraday's mother is more of a bitch than I would have thought. You can't tell someone what they are supposed to do if you know the future because the act of telling them changes the decisions they make and the reason they make said decisions, which in itself changes the outcome. I finally understand all of the "Desmond is my constant" tee-shirts, but I can't help but wonder if he's a prophet, too.

- Also, I finally understand why no one is watching FlashForward. It's the same show, only it's three years too late.

- I am really enjoying the statement the LOST writers are making about the armed forces (from any country) and the men that serve in them. Desmond was told the only great thing he'd ever do in his life was push that damn button, so he enlisted to try to prove his supposed future wrong. But in the end, his island work really was the best thing so think about what that says about the army.

- Gross, Bai Ling. I guess I'm up to the Very Special episode where Jack gets herpes.

- It's kind of amusing how in the middle of this messed up world, a woman comes to ask Jack questions about the surgery complications the same way hospitals and lawyers do investigations in civilization. It's an interesting way to showcase that these "Others," though obviously well adapted to the ways of an island are not the savages they were once made out to be. The show misrepresented once, so chances are they will do it time and time again in order to clean up anything they deem as too messily fitting into the bigger picture. It's not the most clever of storytelling, but with so much to juggle, I guess I can cut them some slack.

- We went from the Desmond episode to one about tattoos and witch trials? I wish the lead of a show could be executed, but if the writers weren't willing to do that mid-way through the pilot, they certainly won't do it mid-way through the series. Networks still don't allow that sort of non-formula, "outside of the box" thinking. And for the record, I don't think Jack's tattoo really means what he was told it means. For one thing, the natives' reaction was a bit strong. For another, I've heard tattoo artists have a little fun with people getting words in other languages inked on their body. Would the lyric from "Rent" I have on my lower back look better in characters? Maybe, but at least I can be insured it's the right lyric.

- Yay for Cheech Marin and his crazy jerry curl wig! But of course he would return now, regardless of seven or seventeen or seventy years; his son won the lottery, and he wants a cut!

- It's way more poignant for Hurley to be talking to Libby when he was saying that he doesn't feel scared when he's with [her], but I was still kind of hoping the camera would pull back and Vincent would be laying there next to him instead of a grave.

- I don't remember seeing Jin and Sun return to the camp. I must have zoned out longer than I thought earlier. Or it was just a boring, uneventful return and so we were spared seeing it. But if that's the case, why aren't we spared from seeing Nicki and Paulo?

- How did no one stumble upon this car in all of the months they've already been on the island? It doesn't seem so far that they wouldn't have passed the brushy area while heading to the caves or wherever.

- Between reading Judy Blume and the The Brady Bunch, Little House and Sesame Street references, I think Sawyer is the only one with whom I'd have anything to talk about. But Hurley would still be the one I'd want to pal around with because he has the most fun ideas-- from the golf course to the car to the ping-pong tournament. He may actually get me to be active for a change, and he'd definitely be able to keep my mind off the grim reality surrounding us.

- The rabbit's foot is a nice touch, but by now I don't think there's anyone who believes luck could possibly have anything to do with any of this.

- I'm beginning to question why there had to be forty-seven initial survivors from the front end of the plane alone. It sounds like kind of a high number of people in general not to be maimed when a plane splits in two in mid-air and then comes down on an island with one of its engines still spinning. But moreover, since there's no way all of these people will play important roles in the show-- because their names were not on any list-- why keep them alive from a story stand-point? A few, sure, to make it realistic and to have background people for big emotional scenes like funerals and returns. But eventually they're going to have to disappear in one way or another, and forty-seven is hard amount to keep track of dying or getting taken or whatever.

- Oh, there you are, Locke. I've missed you! I forgot you were about to go off on another trek-- or "walk about," if you will. But I don't like this new pattern this season has set up with introducing an interesting facet at the end of one episode and picking up with brand new characters in the next, messing up the span of time and leaving us to forget we care about certain developments by the time you get back to them.

- These old-fashioned computers really make me long for simpler times. Also the mindset. How Locke didn't realize the images of Dr. Edgar were taped and therefore only had one particular outcome is beyond me.

- Man With Eye-patch foaming at the mouth was okay, but I was kind of hoping he'd liquify or something...

- If Jack's father didn't want to pay for Claire's mother's hospital care, he didn't have to. But he certainly didn't have to try to convince Claire to take her off life support. Because as much as that seems like it's the right thing to do, it's a lot harder than it seems!

- In the early days of film and television, directors had a belief that they couldn't put two people with the same hair color in the same scene because some viewers could find them interchangeable and therefore confuse the plot based on mixing up the characters. As recently as the early 2000s, with a little show called Veronica Mars on The CW, a character was given a horrendous puka shell necklace to wear because early network focus group notes said he too similarly resembled another character. I always thought this was ridiculous and unnecessary and with proper hair, make-up, wardrobe, and intelligence level of the audience, could be totally avoided. However, I admit that in the jungle, in khakis and tank tops and both with frizzy brown hair and big, light eyes, Kate and Rousseau are beginning to blend into one. I doubt this is supposed to be any kind of statement, though, even though I know Kate ends up becoming a mother by proxy while Rousseau is still trying to be the mother she already is. It's probably a good thing they're keeping Kate's hair tied back in the scenes these two women share because admittedly at this point, I'm a little bleary-eyed and could see myself confusing the two when recounting the episode(s).

- I still hate birds.

Verdict so far: I'm growing bitter and resentful, partially because today was a struggle through that pocket of the show when the theme seemed to get lost (no pun intended), but also partially because my other writing and programming started to pile up, and for once, in my attempt to multi-task, I fell short on both.

Current lingering question: When will we finally be rid of Jack's father? Why doesn't ABC sell Dharma Initiative notebooks? And seriously, what's up with all of the close-ups on people's eyes??

Current theory: When season six first started, and without knowing much about what led up to it, I assumed that the atom bomb had set off two parallel universes: the one on the island was racing alongside the one where the plane never crashed, and when it was all said and done, they'd meet up, and whoever survived the island would have a better life than the one they were originally living. They had to go back in order to go forward; they had to reset the energy in their lives for a second chance. I still believe that to be true; I just want to addend it with the belief that those who found peace prior to finding the island will not have a different fate "off" the island in the sideways world than the one they were heading to when the plane crashed. They knew something the others didn't-- or couldn't. They accepted fate and destiny and gave into it, trusting in the bigger picture. And because of that, they were always on the "right" path all along.

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