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DanielleTBD's LOST Experiment: Day Three...

Day Three. Log.

Episodes watched: 15 today / 42 total
Episodes to go: 56
Pints of ice cream eaten: 1

Previously on DanielleTBD's LOST experiment: Sawyer, Michael, and Jin were rescued from sea only to be held captive by some Others, led by Ana Lucia, a woman who had been in the back of the plane. Locke and Jack learned some of the mystery of the hatch by watching a Dharma Initiative video they found in The Swan. Desmond blew ship when Jack convinced him the button-pushing may be a mind game and he broke the computer. Walt is still gone. Shannon is still annoying.

Wishing I had picked a week when the weather was crappy to partake in this experiment. Between the beautiful island beach on my screen and the warm sunshine streaking across my patio, the outside is calling to me, and I'm beginning to fear how many shades paler I may be at the end of these few days.

Also I learned that the dog who plays Vincent's real name is Madison. And he (she?) has an IMDb page. Madison and I are jealous.

Anyway, up first today is Season 2, Episode 4: "Everybody Hates Hugo," and I already hate what the title implies because I don't; I love Hugo! I have been pulling for him to be the real candidate-- the one who stands strong and saves the day-- every since learning his name was on the list and learning whose names his was along side.

- "Hurley, who else did you tell?" starts my random quoting for today. I answered with "Just Betty Stoler-- you know, that redheaded girl in bio lab..."

- DJ Qualls!! This show has some great guest stars, and I hope he pops up again somehow-- like maybe as Hurley's successor after he was presumed dead. Because really, staying mad at your best friend for not being told his big secret is kind of minimal when you realize how much good you can help him do with the outcome of said big secret. Especially because he was prepping to tell you anyway; someone else just got there first.

- I hope I never get so hungry that I look at peanut butter as a delicacy. Though if I keep doing week-long marathons like this instead of trying to find a *real* job, peanut butter may be all I can afford.

- There seems to be a lot done to avoid a panic (not telling everyone Kate was a fugitive; Sun burying the bottle), but passing out bunches of food that were clearly kept well-preserved for years should probably fall into the category of "letting everyone know other people were here for long periods of time and they didn't make it." Once the temporary euphoria wears off, there would be a riot and yes, you guessed it, a panic.

- I knew buying a metal detector would be my most lucrative career move!

- Ana Lucia may be a bitch but at least she could tell Jin was Korean.

- The whole scene where Jin and Eko? Mr. Friendly? whoever that big black dude is watching the Others parade by in the jungle was very reminiscent of "What are we hunting?" "Can you believe it; they're just people!"

- I feel like the scene with Michael screaming about the Others taking his son right out of his arms would have been more poignant if framed by the flashback scenes of baby Walt being taken away to Amsterdam or Rome or wherever the hell his mother shipped him off to that month. It wasn't as emotional being connected to Jin, even with Jin's moment helping out the poor father at the hotel, because Jin doesn't seem to have his own father issues-- other than wanting to have a better life than his father did, but that's just about everyone's gripe no matter how rich or poor.

- A whole episode about the other side of the plane? A group of people who-- thirty episodes and already obsessive concentration/dedication in-- we have never met and who is led by someone who can't even act? Why bother? Especially when there is so much exposition and so much repetition. These people have already mostly been picked off one by one, so at the risk of sounding like as much of a bitch as Ana Lucia: who cares??

- Everything Ana said about the weird Marine Corps guy could be said about Jack-- except we saw his back-story and saw him on the plane, so we know he can't possibly be an Other. But for the slightest moment there, I thought this show could have gone somewhere really, really cool.

- Whoever told me that Shannon dies of asthma lied; they LIED. But she's still dead, so all is right on the island.

- Oh Aunt Zelda!

- This is a weird little playing house that Kate is doing with Sawyer unconscious next to her. I get that she may be trying to make up for the disfunction she has always known and try to find some semblance of normal on this island and in general, but it may be cabin fever setting in. It's too bad no one on the plane was a psychiatrist!

- The DVD just paused when Kate kissed Jack. I was about to start yelling about the poor direction choice of freeze-framing that moment when I realized it was just a glitchy disc.

- The redundancy in this show is bordering on ridiculous and overkill. I never expected it, with the sheer amount of rabid fans who claim to have so many unanswered questions! I don't just mean the repetition of characters learning things after others already have the audience being forced to sit through the explanations both times. Rose holds Bernard's ring until they can be reunited; same goes for Sun and Jin. Every time we see a central character paired with someone different in their back story than who they are with on the island, that person has to be a jerk or turn up dead or something. Everything has to be black and white for who these characters "should" be with, so it's a wonder the writers were willing to play good-cop-bad-cop with Jacob and The Man In Black for as long as they were (as unsubtlely as they may have been).

- More foreshadowing: talk of the temple people worshipping false Gods and a mention of transference...

- I respect Kate a lot more now that I understand who (and maybe what) she is. But she got one thing terribly wrong-- one thing that she, above anyone else, should know because she "cracked the code" of Sawyer's letter: Sawyer is not a bad guy. Sawyer is actually a really sensitive guy who builds the same wall she has built in order to keep from getting hurt again. It makes total sense that their sideways world is intersecting, rather than his and Juliet's. I have yet to see the crux of him and Juliet as a couple, but I'm beginning to think it's another one of those just circumstantial ones.

- They didn't have email in the 70s, so how would one use the computer for attempting to contact the outside world? What is this weird backwards sad face communication? It reminds me vaguely of Ghostwriter. But again: WALT IS NOT DEAD so no one can be communicating with his "spirit." Right??

- Desmond really ruined hearing actual brothers refer to themselves as such for me!

- I would never be a good candidate, even though Jacob touched me. I am governed by fear. Case in point: my response to Ms. Pissoni's request that flashback Jack at least try to perform her father's surgery was: "Will you sue me if I fail?"

- This whole "Don't tell me what I can or can't do" theme is a bit childish. Like the younger brother who throws a tantrum when his older brother won't let him tag along on a date or to a game of baseball or whatever. But it seems to be quite fitting with the inadequacy issues everyone has prior to coming on the island, which in turn also affect their behavior once they are on the island. I'm sorry, but do the words "Billy, don't be a hero" mean anything to you!?

- On Supernatural there is a symbol-- a devil's trap of sorts-- that one can wear in order to keep themselves from being susceptible to possession. It is an image that the boys (and some very loyal fans) have tattooed on their chests. In LOST, they are saying that thing is baptism, to which I take personal offense because to baptize a child is and always should be a choice. Yet by saying Aaron (or any child, really) is not safe without it is a way for the show to take a stance as to which religion is "correct." I know many diehard fans think the writers of the show are Gods for other reasons, mostly for creating such a vast and confusingly interesting world, but this is allowing the power to go too far to their heads. All that being said, though, signs seem to point to Aaron being the key-- for Jacob, for the island, for the series end.

- Why haven't we met Ben yet?? I think I might have just hit that slower stretch where many fans gave up and felt the show was teetering on irrelevancy.

- I admit I have been taking my eyes off the screen due to glare (I broke my "must watch on the big screen" rule in order to get some fresh air), but is Zeke, the creepy bearded Other the same dude as the military guy who recruited Sayid to torture?

- I'm finally mid-way through season two and I have yet to hear a bird call out Hurley's name. I officially feel gipped. Or like I'm too ADD for this show. ...Oooh, finally: Ben!!! It's definitely weird to watch the interaction of "who's one of us versus one of them" play out based on perspective when you actually know the definitive answer. You can see nuances in performances that aren't really there because the initial scripts these actors received were pretty vague. And yet the choices still make sense. That's the mark of true talent.

- Claire still has amnesia? WTF? Thank you, Libby, for calling her out on her sh*t. So far you're the only other "back of the plane" person (other than Bernard, of course) who seems to have a usefulness. I admit I didn't like you with the obligatory flirting with Hurley (even though I'm glad to see Hurley has an admirer), and I'm still not completely sold, but I'm much closer to the other side of the fence than I was before.

- "A mother should not leave her child." I wish Sun had remembered that seasons later.

- If I ever have a kid, I want an airplane mobile for the crib. Hell, I'd want one over my own bed. I know in the context of this show it's creepy and wrong, but I love planes and flying and everything about airports (except for the weird coffee/stale air smell). Maybe I really am destined for something similar. Right now it seems much more like a vacation than sudden doom. Reminds you what's really important, anyway.

- How did Claire, in the "real" world, never get sucked into a cult? She definitely has that Stockholm personality!

- What's the deal with the fact that Alex being a girl was so concealed to the audience? Was it supposed to be suspenseful or some big reveal that left viewers with a gasp moment? Rousseau would only refer to Alex as her 'child,' and when the Others yelled for Alex, we only saw an arm holding a gun. The flicker of recognition in Rousseau's eyes when Claire mentioned a "teenage girl" was something that easily gets buried but I just don't see why, in the end, it matters. If the Others only took boys-- if boys were the only "special" ones-- then learning Alex was a girl and still had been brought up in their care would be special in and of itself. But that's not the case; the Others are non-discriminatory when they take children, which we already know from the fact that they took both the brother and sister survivor duo.

- Nice setback, Jin.

- No one is getting their period on this island, Sun; why do you think you're so special?

- You can't title an episode "The Whole Truth" and not give us at least a few answers of the island! #epicletdown

- Similarly, I think the episode titled "Lockdown" should have been written "Locke Down." Get it?? Ugh, I think the delirium is starting to set in already. Too soon! Must watch a few more! Not even at the half-way point for number of episodes yet!

- I don't get these people. They're trapped on a desert island where they have to hunt boar and run for their lives away from black smoke, and yet Locke kills time on the recumbent bike in the hatch. Also, when Henry/Ben called to him a minute later, it sounded like he called him "God," not John. Discuss.

- His name isn't Henry, Locke; maybe if you call him by his name, he'll answer you. "Want to know your name? Check your hat. [Pause] We did the hat, right?"

- Hurley didn't need to trash the food; he needed to learn to pace himself. Like Jillian Michaels says, everything is fine in moderation, and considering that was all the food they had on a deserted island with no end in sight, he probably should have rationed it out to the rest of the group rather than just being wasteful.

- Evan Handler! Too bad there is no Dave.

- It would have been a cop-out for LOST to really all just be in Hurley, a mental patient,'s mind (but what did we learn about mental patients during yesterday's episodes, boys and girls?). But I still would have enjoyed it because it would have meant he was the key after all, and I'm really pushing for him to be THE Candidate at the end of everything.

Verdict so far: I am beginning to understand why Damon and Carlton will only be answering the mysteries that are important to the characters. While the danger of the Others was great during the episodes I watched today, they seem to embody the general threat of the island, as who they are changes from season to season (at least so far). By season six, they are long forgotten because everyone has such bigger problems. So to go back now wouldn't make sense, in more ways than one, and would just be forced. Also, Michael Emerson is just plain fantastic. He wins. At life.

Current lingering question: This is three-fold today: 1) Does the fact that so many of the candidates (maybe all, but I haven't gotten through everyone's full back-story yet) killed someone prior to landing on the island have anything to do with their fate on the island or as potential candidates? 2) Do we ever get a Rose and Bernard flashback episode? Because we should! And 3) do we ever learn what those weird hieroglyphics on the clock stand for? One kind of looks like an airplane...

Current theory: The comment that Zeke made about those on the island only being there because the Others are allowing them to be says it all. Zeke couldn't comprehend the bigger picture, though; he and his friends had become arrogant in a way that it could be argued the writers and producers of the show did at this point, as well. Everyone who was still alive on the island was so because the island-- and the things protecting it-- was allowing them to be until they figured out who they had use for and who they didn't. So by the end of it all, there may be one or two left standing, but more likely everyone will be gone. No one is the perfect candidate. But the island will want to try again. And I'm still holding onto the fact that it will put its hope in Aaron.

Okay, I'm off to go cry over The Biggest Loser! Probably will skip tonight's brand new episode of LOST so that I don't get confused (or cocky) being currently immersed at a different point the timeline.

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