Monday, May 10, 2010

DanielleTBD's LOST Experiment: Day Two...

Day Two. Log.

Episodes watched: 15 today / 27 total
Episodes to go: 71
Pints of ice cream eaten: .5 (had to mix up the snacks!)

Previously on DanielleTBD's LOST experiment: Kate and Sawyer found a dead couple still stuck in their airplane seats underwater and fought over the metal case under their seats. It was revealed to contain a tiny toy airplane that was one of the things Kate and a cute bank-robber stole from a safety deposit box. Sayid enlisted Shannon's help to translate the notes on a bunch of Rousseau's equations while Boone and Locke pal around in the jungle, finding something made of steel buried too deep in the ground to be a part of Oceanic 815's wreckage. Also, Claire was kidnapped by the Others, and Charlie is taking longer to get over that than he did his heroin addiction. Meanwhile, I cracked open a bag of Ruffles and a jar of French Onion dip...

First episode up today is Season 1, Episode 13: "Hearts and Minds." I know I have to step it up today if I want to stay on schedule, so I'm hoping to get mid-way through season two by primetime hour. That may be a bit ambitious, and needless to say, I haven't checked my math. But it's a new day, and my energy is high! I have Girl Scout cookies and bars of varying percentages of dark chocolate; I have my dog curled up to my right; and I have the whole day free of conference calls and/or other interviews (for better and for worse). So away we go!!

- Madison seemed particularly enthralled today, especially during scenes in which Locke was trekking through the jungle. Maybe it was the sound of the wind blowing through the trees or the big strapping man doing manly things, but Madison's gaze was fixed tightly on the screen.

- The guy in Australia that Shannon had shacked up with-- I feel like I've seen him before. Has he re-appeared in the sideways world this season? Adding it to my list o' questions!

- Maybe I just started paying attention but why the hell was Sawyer being detained in an Australian jail? He wasn't the one in cuffs on the plane! I can't wait to see more of these cross-overs in each other's paths prior to Oceanic 815, though; I have heard there are many, and I will be on the lookout for all. The fact that they're all destined to be in each other's lives regardless of whether or not the plane crashes is something I love, and the fact that the groundwork was laid before they even boarded just goes to show you that people come in and out of our lives for a reason-- even if we don't notice them right away.

- Wait, Sayid: is the compass defective? Or was that our first clue that the island can move?? Ooh this sh*t is getting good!

- I knew Shannon wasn't really dead when she was ripped apart by the boar (or dinosaur or Smoke Monster or whatever)-- mostly because of how fake the red paint for blood looked, but also because someone had told me how she really dies later in the series. But I still got really excited anyway because at this point I'm just waiting for both she and Boone to die. And I would be thinking that way even if I didn't know actually that was their fate; I just don't like either of them, and I don't feel they add much to the show or the "tribe." They may be my Nikki and Paulo!

- Locke, even in this human form, seems to be a modern day messiah. He knows all and sees all and knows what is best for everyone and how to give them just enough so they'll have what they need to figure it out for themselves. It's almost as if John Locke the man did die in the plane crash but something else inhabited his body (which would explain why he could suddenly walk) in the initial weeks and months. Maybe I just watch too much Supernatural, though; I'm used to seeing demons (and the occasional angel) inhabit a "vessel." But Locke seems a better Jacob than Jacob himself at this point-- he's the guy everyone believes can actually save them-- and he turns out to doom them all. There better be a clear cut reason coming-- one other than the fact that writers just didn't want to lead the show somewhere everyone guessed it was going.

- There are far too many close-ups on people's eyes in this show!

- Between Michael getting hit by a car and Walt causing a bird to fly into a window and break his neck, I feel like they're better suited to be in FlashForward! I hate that show, but I hate the sequence with the polar bear more. Worst CGI ever. Between that and the bad flashback wigs, I really don't know where this show's budget goes ;P

- The ceiling above Michael when he is looking through the box the Nanny gave him to give to Walt looks like the perfect Dharma emblem. But I doubt the production team was that thorough!

- Heh. Anyong.

- Clue #2 foreshadowing the demonic Smoke Monster that possesses bodies? Regarding Ethan, Sawyer said: "Maybe someone can tell us who or what this sum' bitch is."

- Daddy issues. I knew Kate and Jack had them. Even Sun and Sawyer, in a way. Ironically, though, the man who is the father figure on this island even suffered because of his. I'd love to know a bit more of Boone's issues, though, because he takes to Locke just like Walt did-- like a little boy who needs to be taken under a wing and needs to be told he's a "good boy."

- In similar news, Sawyer's dad wore some very feminine shoes! Oh, the 70s...

- I'm sorry, Kate, but how is carrying around a little plane because you can't get over your baggage-- especially when you went to oh so many lengths to even get the damn thing back-- any better than a letter?? I'm beginning to understand why so many fans don't like you.

- I like that the idea of reincarnation is floating around on this island long before we know there is some sort of ethereal being(s) that are watching over it. It is timely this week because I just did an interview with one of the Ghostfacers team for my second Wii with the Stars installment, and though this part was edited for time in the final segment, we discussed how animals not only can sense spirits and other worldly presences but sometimes they seem to be inhabited by them. My dog will answer to my old dog's name and sometimes even adopts some of her personality traits. It's eerie but not entirely unwelcome.

- Dogs are not disposable tchotchkes, Mr. Environmental Safety Secretary! You deserve to be punched or stabbed or have a phalange removed or whatever you thought Mr. Paik's lackey would do to you.

- For a show that requires full attention on every frame or you might miss something small and seemingly insignificant that turns out to be a giant catalyst/clue (like a low-flying bird screeching "Hurley"), they really should subtitle every Korean word. I feel like I'm missing something. Even if it turns out to be nothing, I NEED TO KNOW!

- Out of all of the injuries the survivors sustained from the plane crash and anything subsequent on the island, the ONE THING that scars is Locke's teeny tiny little scratch under his eye? SERIOUSLY??

- Does Lenny, the Connect Four playing institution member, end up on the island during the Dharma initiative or something? He has the look of a scientist long-burnt out (and perhaps somewhat burned) by his work!

- When Hurley was yelling at Rousseau, and he said "...good old fun time Hurley! Well, guess what--" I filled in the blank with "Margaret isn't here!" Yes, from Dance Til Dawn. #Iquoterandomthingsatrandomtimes

- Can we talk Biblical references for a second? I read the Bible once-- in seventh or eighth grade. I did it on my own, without having any formal religious training. There were parts I didn't understand, parts I didn't agree with, and parts I just plain didn't retain. Now, I don't believe in immaculate conception in the real world, but there are a number of things that have gone on (already) in LOST that I don't believe could occur in the real world, so let's just pretend for a second that I have no problem with suspending disbelief. If LOST teaches us anything, it's that those who are institutionalized-- from Hurley to Libby-- aren't really crazy at all; they just know things they can't quite effectively verbalize-- things that others don't believe. Most shows that deal with supernatural or spiritual elements rely on this. So by having Locke's mother claim he was immaculately conceived (and by having Anthony laugh but not actually refute it), it could be another way to hit over the head the "Jesus like" figure that Locke is personifying thus far anyway. It would effectively explain how he knows all he knows. But when Jesus dies, nothing takes over his being-- at least nothing I remember reading-- so I'm still not yet seeing how these pieces now will fit into what I know to come later.

- Something unrealistic for which I can't suspend disbelief: if Anthony was as sick as he claimed to be and on dialysis, he wouldn't have been able to go hunting and be so up and agile and energetic as he was-- especially in his late age. Obviously no one on the writing staff actually knows anyone who has ever needed a kidney.

- I had all of the same symptoms as Sawyer when I needed glasses; therefore I knew there was no real danger for him. But I think it would have been much more interesting if he did have some sort of tumor! Sorry, hottie.

- Should not have eaten lunch right before Boone's "surgery." First time I've eaten real food in a long time and look what happens! Taking a break to visit Snowball next door so I don't regurgitate the bacon-wrapped crab cake that I slaved over a hot microwave to make!

- Nothing is happenstance, Sayid's terrorist friend; we already know everything is fate. Just move on and show us how or why.

- I know when season finales come around, across the board they have to step things up. But the pacing of LOST's first season finale was ten times what the few episodes that led directly up to it was, and for the first time we really got to see multiple back-stories in one episode, which raised the stakes a lot and really allowed you to care about all of them at the same time. It felt much grander and much more modern, and it actually made me want to see what was going to come next.

- Also, I can't quite decide if Walt is a better person than I or simply one who can't form emotional attachments because I would never/could never give my dog away!

- Things I have learned from LOST include the fact that any time someone "new" from the plane pops up in the middle of a storyline, it spells sudden doom for that excess paycheck in the background. It happened with Scott-or-Steve and then again with that high school science teacher; they serve a very specific, very temporary purpose, and then they're martyred for the greater cause of the show.

- I thought the random images of people in the jungle-- Jack's dead dad, etc-- were revealed to be spirits that were trapped. But Walt isn't dead, so when he appeared to Shannon was that a fake-out for the audience, a hallucination because she was feeling so guilty over losing his dog, or Walt's "specialness" allowing him to project an image in order to "radio" for help? And if he was looking for help, why'd he tell her to be quiet??

- A few years ago I saw a made-for-TV ABC Family movie called LoveWrecked starring Amanda Bynes about a pop star who thinks he is stranded on a deserted island with some girl who rescues him from a sprained ankle or something else equally tame and so he falls in love with her. I went on a huge rant when I first saw it about how that's not really love, that's just a deep gratitude for someone you think saved you from a terrible fate. And now that I have seen Jack and Sarah's back story, I understand why in the sideways world they are divorced. They are not the great love of each other's lives or meant to be together forever the way Rose and Bernard (who are together in the sideways world) are. But because of my current theory on to whom Jack is married in the sideways world, I will be paying extra close attention to upcoming episodes to make sure the proper groundwork was laid for that payoff!

- If everything is fate and destiny and whatever, then I still hold onto the fact that Locke's telephone operator was the same Helen! It's like my theory with How I Met Your Mother and the Thanksgiving stripper (if you have to ask, you probably won't want the answer).

- Desmond and the numbers and the hatch just proves that every person who has OCD is not wrong: if they don't check their pilot lights three times before they leave the house, walk around any and all sidewalk cracks, and/or wash their hands every hour on the hour, something terrible will happen. Once again, this show is causing us to rethink mental illness. ...Maybe it's time to retire these DVDs for the evening...

Verdict so far: I cannot believe it's only Monday! I feel like I've been watching this show for four straight years. I'm a little disoriented and delirious, like I imagine I would be if I was actually stranded on a desert island. So this is proving to be much more than just an experiment; it is the LOST experience...and it's not entirely good.

Current lingering question: Assuming the Others know Walt is "special," because otherwise what could they possibly want with only him?, how did they know he was special? Also, I want to know what would have happened if Locke had punched in the incorrect 32: would it have blown up or simply errored out and made him try again?

Current theory: In the big picture love and revenge seem to be all tangled up in the misguided way humans tend to do. When the dust settles, and the obstacles are pushed aside, it seems to become clear that those who are truly happy with the ones they love are either dead (Boone and Shannon, Sun and Jin come to mind) or off on their own, free of the entanglement and complications of others' (Rose and Bernard). It's a bleak outlook, for sure, but it's an interesting social commentary. Even with the Bible, it is the manipulation of man's interpretation of words and prophecy that messes everything up.

Regularly scheduled programming for the evening includes the east coast feed of Showtime's Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara, followed by How I Met Your Mother (which is terrible this season but for which, for some reason, I just can't quit) and the Real Housewives of New Jersey! I could cheat and multi-task by watching two things simultaneously, but that would ruin the integrity of this experiment so I will not be doing that. ...Although, one might say the integrity is compromised simply by the fact that I'm taking breaks to actually watch other stuff. Oh well, it's my experiment and I'll watch primetime if I want to!!

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