Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Life Unexpected' Gets Its Second Season...

Though CBS-TV's upfronts have not taken place yet, their teenage network, The CW, has already announced a few things about their fall schedule. Once the entire line-up has been released, I will post it in full here, along with my thoughts on the new series. But I couldn't ignore that the show that I have been pulling for all along-- the show that was unfairly, unjustifiably on the bubble while less-smart, less-emotional, less-real programs got early pickups-- finally got it's second season. Yes, folks, Life Unexpected will be returning to The CW!

Series creator Liz Tigelaar has been on vacation, attempting to relax, during this upfronts week, but she took to Facebook and Twitter to squee her excitement, proving the news to be just that and not a simple rumor or more wishful thinking spreading around entertainment blogs. Series star Kristoffer Polaha echoed her sentiment on his own Facebook fan page, stating: "We just got picked up for season two!!! Thank you, peeps, for all your support, your encouragement, and all that tasty energy!!!"

So far it seems like my new favorite familial drama will be getting another thirteen-episode order, returning mid-season, in January 2011. This has neither been confirmed nor denied as of yet; I am still awaiting the official press release from The CW that will be sent the night before their upfronts. I could not be more excited, regardless of the amount of episodes, though, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, this show struck a chord with me on a personal level, which I won't rehash for the umpteenth time here (you can read all of my season one diatribes, interviews, and ramblings here); I not only relate to these characters, but I feel like I know them. But also, secondly, with the cancellation of Cold Case from CBS, if Life Unexpected didn't come back, I would be down to only about two dramas that I watch on a weekly basis (unless you consider Desperate Housewives a drama, which I don't)-- and that's just sad!

Finally, though, forget about me personally, this show touches the masses in a way that storytelling hasn't in a long time. It is full of rich, heartfelt, charming characters and an amazingly talented cast and crew, all who deserve their time to shine.

Fans of the show were considering starting a campaign to get the network to reconsider if the bubble had burst, leaving season two of Life Unexpected on the cutting room floor. Now that the news is in our favor, though, I suggest we start a campaign nonetheless, to thank The CW for recognizing this true gem of a program. After all, fans can rally when we're happy just as hard as we can when we're pissed!

This would be a good time, too, to snag a Team Baze or Team Ryan tee to show your support of the show and celebrate its pick-up! All proceeds still go to charity!

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