Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST Fans Want (and Will Have A Chance) To Own A Piece of the Show...

Recently on Twitter I asked LOSTies to weigh in on what memorabilia item, if they had their choice of any prop or piece of wardrobe from the show, they would want to own. After all, the show may have come to an end but true fans will keep the spirit of the show alive in any way they can. As Jenna from "I Heart TV" put it: "The end of LOST left us with what matters: the characters. In the end it seemed to be about the connections we make, the people we put our faith and trust in. It was beautiful. I am sure many are pretty upset with the way the magic men behind LOST decided to end it; I am just as sure that the ones that are angry, upset, or plain lost are the ones that spent the last six years analyzing and deciphering. Yeah, that was fun and all, but LOST is more than that: it's all about the connections; it's all about the feeling."

I polled my virtual audience just a few days before heading up to the Profiles In History office to take a first-hand, up close and personal look at the memorabilia items ABC selected to actually auction off this summer. Though the date and time specifics of this auction are still TBD, a piece-by-piece preview of one hundred of the items (just a small fraction of the whole lot which will be cataloged over the next few weeks) can be seen here.

Some of my favorite items while watching the show were Desmond's fail safe key, Charlie's guitar and case, Mr. Eko's Jesus stick, Hurley's mom's Jesus statue with which he tried to bludgeon the "prowlers," the Dharma notebooks, and the Apollo candy bar...but I was curious as to what the diehards thought.

The responses poured in with an overwhelming response for Dharma beer, but also clear items of interest were Charlie's Drive Shaft ring, the makeshift game that Jacob played with his brother in "Across the Sea," a Dharma jumpsuit, the piece of the hatch with the numbers stamped on it or the model of the hatch that was being built with popsicle and match sticks, and the 108 minute countdown clock. The Dharma key also came up, though perhaps responders were influenced by my leanings...Didn't get your vote in? You can select now from the list of favored items that are actually up for grabs:

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Visiting Profiles In History, I learned that many of those top picks are actually in the lot to be auctioned off in just a few weeks. While the auction house usually deals with large-scale pieces, like full-size exoskeletons or hero picture vehicles, most of the LOST items are small enough that you could easily carry them around in your pocket or purse to whip them out at parties as conversation starters. Just about every character's Oceanic boarding pass, for example, will be available, making it an interesting feat for one fan to try to out-bid all others and snag the entire set.

The auction will be held at the Profiles in History offices in Calabasas CA, but LOSTies around the country-- and around the world-- will be able to bid "live" via phone and the internet, as well, giving everyone a fair shot at the one-of-a-kind memorabilia. How much would you be willing to spend to own a piece of your favorite show and television history in general? Stay tuned for my report from the auction to see just how high the numbers climb!

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