Thursday, May 20, 2010

'Supernatural' Fans Want To Say Thank You To Eric Kripke...

It's been only one week since the fifth season of Supernatural came to a head on The CW, pitting brother against brother in the battle for good and evil, though not exactly the way we thought (or even hoped) it might. Though the show is in re-runs for the summer hellatus, as deemed by fans who want more Winchester, no one is going quietly into the night awaiting the season six premiere. Fans are already scouring the internet for spoilers, signing up for end of the year and early 2011 fan conventions, and even raising funds to say thank you to the show's creator, Eric Kripke, for five years of long, hard, amazingly unique work.

Like previously reported campaigns for fans of Allison Mack to produce a PSA or Legend of the Seeker supporters who want to find the show a new home, the Supernatural Livejournal Community is determined to take out a full-page ad in Hollywood trade magazine, the Hollywood Reporter, to thank Kripke for the show and wish him well on his future endeavors. Though the show is returning in the fall, Kripke will be stepping down as showrunner.

Andie Masino, who is spearheading the campaign, spoke out about what the project means to her: "As the [finale] episode ended I was struck by an overwhelming need to say thank you for all the work [Kripke] had put into the show. Supernatural struck such a cord with me – as it did with a lot of people – by mixing a fresh combination of supernatural scares and family drama.

"It’s easy to forget that without the imagination of Eric Kripke, the world would never have met the Winchester family and the supernatural world they inhabit. What better stage to allow our favorite creator/producer/writer/director to take his final Supernatural bow than a widely read industry magazine in which we can show our appreciation to his peers? We, as fans, want to say “thank you” to Kripke for allowing us to connect with his characters and for sharing their amazing world with us. We may not have always agreed with the choices the characters have made or the direction the show has taken, but at the end of the day we wouldn’t change a moment. We’ll take the bitter with the sweet because it means we were able to experience this dark, funny, and powerful show."

The campaign is a worldwide gesture and anyone can donate via Paypal. The ad costs $3600 and to date, without any press but just word of mouth, Facebook posts, and Tweets amongst the community, Masino has raised one-third of the goal. Click here to contribute what you can and read more about the campaign.

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