Friday, May 21, 2010

What DanielleTBD Will Be Watching This Fall...

You (hopefully) read all of my crazy upfronts coverage with initial thoughts and snap judgments on series that have yet to actually make it to air. With more than two months until the TCAs things could still change regarding the fate of some of these shows. As it is, some pilots have to be re-shot due to recasting, anyway. But I like to plan ahead! And as you'll see, I have a lot of "I just can't quit you" oldies on this list anyway. Some are those that though I stopped thinking they were witty or fun a long time ago, I still feel the need to see them through to their bitter end; others are ones I watch eagerly, excitedly week after week, regardless of how many years they have already been on-air. Needless to say, this fall will be jam-packed full of evenings on the couch in front of the warm glow of the television set. As if that is anything unusual around My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture's household!

8 - 9 pm - The Amazing Race (CBS)
9 - 10 pm - Desperate Housewives (ABC)

8 - 8:30 pm - How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
9 - 10 pm - The Event (NBC)
9:30 - 10 pm - Mike & Molly (CBS)

8 - 9 pm - No Ordinary Family (ABC)
8 - 9 pm - Glee (FOX)
8 - 10 pm - The Biggest Loser (NBC)
9 - 10 pm - Life Unexpected (CW)
9:30 - 10 pm - Running Wilde (FOX)
10 - 11 pm - The Good Wife (CBS)

8:30 - 9 pm - Better Together (ABC)
9 - 9:30 pm - Modern Family (ABC)

8 - 9 pm - My Generation (ABC)
8 - 8:30 pm - Community (NBC)
8:30 - 9 pm - 30 Rock (NBC)
9 - 9:30 pm - The Office (NBC)
10 - 11 pm - Love Bites (NBC)

9 - 10 pm - Supernatural (CW)
10 - 10:30 pm - The Soup (E!)

Go Out...or rewatch the same girly movies (Mean Girls, Miss Congeniality, etc) over and over. Yeah, I'll probably do that last one!

So now you guys know where to find me on any given night of the week come Fall 2010. Is it sad that I'm more excited about some of the mid-season shows (like Mr. Sunshine) than any of the new ones on this fall list? That's how I felt last year about Life Unexpected, and it worked out well for me-- and the show. There just aren't that many original ideas in these "new" titles! Still, as you can see, it may be time for me to finally give in and get a DVR! Feel free to come over for viewing parties...just be sure to bring cupcakes or cookie dough :D

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