Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who Should Play Rachel's Dads On 'Glee?'...

Now that we've met Rachel's mom (or have we-- maybe this is all just an elaborate "fake-out" to get under her skin and break up New Directions so Vocal Adrenaline can take another title??), I can't help but wonder who her dads should/will be. After all, we know very little about them thus far. We know they scouted women to be their surrogate because they clearly wanted a baby-- and they clearly wanted a baby who could carry a tune, at that! Early in the first season of glee, Rachel commented on how they always wanted her to be a star, and they instilled the importance of Barbra and Broadway and even a lil Liza on their baby girl. And given the criticism that glee creator Ryan Murphy has heaped upon Newsweek for suggesting gay actors cannot play straight, one might infer he may want to prove the opposite as well. It's called acting because it's not real, so why not cast two straight men to play Rachel's doting diva-rearers??

It works in films like The Birdcage and In And Out, both of which featured a heterosexual, guys' guy type playing half of a homosexual couple (Robin Williams and Tom Selleck, respectively in each film). Eric Stonestreet is doing a wonderful job playing gay on ABC's breakout comedy, Modern Family. In fact, he and his on-screen counterpart, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, are my favorite TV couple of the year! If I had my way, I would cast either Jesse L. Martin or Taye Diggs as one of Rachel's dads. I don't expect anyone is expecting Rachel to have such a hot dad, but all of the characters on this show have to be fair game, eye-candy wise!!

Besides, both are comfortable with the material (Martin played Tom Collins in RENT on Broadway, and Diggs guest starred as a boyfriend of Will's on Will & Grace), but more importantly, both are immensely talented and would fit nicely into the musical ensemble of the show. And let's face it, I'm kind of pushing for at least one cover of a RENT track!

As for her second dad, I think it would be great to see a goateed Sean Hayes as the half of the couple that perhaps resents the show tunes just a little bit. He loves his daughter-- and his husband, of course-- but maybe he likes sports, too, and just once would like to be able to catch a playoff game instead of a show choir showcase. Hayes, too, has a decent singing voice, and we know he can play up the camp and humor from his time on the traditional NBC sitcom. He'd fit right in!

These guys are hot and talented, and let's face it, it would be nice to see them back on television again! So let's get on this, Fox!!

Who would you guys choose?? Sound off in the comments below!

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Jay said...

I think Rachel's fathers should be played by Taye Diggs(the beautiful real-life husband of her on screen mother, Idina Menzel) and the wonderfully funny and very sexy Anthony Rapp. I just think it would be perfect.