Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 2010 Must List (At Least For The Moment)...

The categories are the same as Entertainment Weekly's 2009 Must List, but the answers are all in the moment, I assure you!

Must Movie

The last movie I saw in theaters was Iron Man 2. I didn't like it nearly enough to honor it here, though I feel the fact that I wait for most new releases to come on DVD (because I'm always disappointed by them and don't feel like spending fifteen bucks to be let down!) speaks for itself. However, the trailer alone makes me excited for The Kids Are All Right because it is an untraditional story of what makes a family and how we connect with people. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore play an "opposites attract" lesbian couple who used a sperm donor to have their two children. Years later, the kids track him down in an attempt to get to know where they came from, and to the mothers' surprise (and slight chagrin), he fits right in with them and just may prove to be the mild-mannered balance they need. Besides, I'll pretty much watch Mark Ruffalo in anything!

Must TV Show

I was totally enthralled with both United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie this season, and though their season finales were on Monday evening, the entire season is running on Showtime On Demand. I may just have to sit down and watch each again, marathon-style. Toni Collette and Edie Falco play flawed, vulnerable women who unintentionally self-sabotage time and time again, even though they seemingly have it all. This imperfect look at wives and mothers makes them that much more well-rounded and three-dimensional as characters, and I honestly can't think of any other primetime shows that write women so well. Plus, you just have to love the dark, somewhat twisted, sense of humor!

Must Band

Coming off the season finale of glee, I am going to have to say New Directions! I even spent a bunch of time creating ringtones out of some of my favorite tracks, and my default on my iPhone is now set to "Don't Stop Believin" (Regionals Version). I just love how they layer so many diverse voices! They also have taken a ton of songs I never liked and created renditions that have me singing along in my car. A prime example is "Give You Hell."

Must Book

"The Irresistible Henry House" is actually what made me want to compile this list again. I came home yesterday to find that Amazon had dropped off a new shipment of books, and I thought about the last truly great book I read. "The Irresistible Henry House" is about a young man who was raised as a "practice baby" by various female college students. He was given up for adoption by his biological mother and placed with a "den mother" of sorts to be used as the guinea pig or prop for young women who need to learn how to change diapers, let a baby cry themselves to sleep, test formula, etc. But though he should have been adopted after only a semester, he ends up staying and being raised by the den mother and all of her years of students. The novel travels with him as he grows and moves out to California, where he works as an animator on some classic Disney films, and it is filled with such detail it reads like a biography of a quite unusual case. The story considers the environment (nurture, rather than nature) when looking at how we make connections and if we're capable of love.

Must Videogame

I haven't turned on my Wii since my last segment of Wii with the Stars in May, though I am working on trying to get another one done by the end of the month...For the moment, though, every moment I think about turning it on, I want to play Mario Kart. I love holding that little plastic wheel, and I love hearing the crunch as cars and bikes collide but yet all the little Nintendo characters are still magically unharmed.

Must Website

I admit I resisted a bit at first, but I have completely surrendered to Twitter. I see the light now! I see the usefulness! Maybe it's just the company I keep, but I often find it easier to get in touch with people through there than by sending an email or leaving a voicemail message (and I still hate to text). I admit I also really enjoy the "eavesdropping" aspect of it; I can read about (and on most occasions even see photos from) happenings in people's lives without the necessity of commenting on it. I have been on the site for almost a year now, and I am even finding that the 140 character count is teaching me to be less long-winded with my thoughts and commentary, too!

Must Gadget

Y'all are expecting me to say the iPad, aren't you? I mean, I am a Mac girl! But no, after a long, long conversation about it-- and even a brief session playing with one at the Apple Store-- I have determined that it is an expensive device that is actually not needed for my lifestyle. And the iPhone 4? Other than a better battery, all the new features seem made for impatient teenagers, and it is, therefore, another equivalent of throwing money away for me. But the MacBook Pro in all of its shiny, silver glory is! I am still working on a black MacBook from three years ago, with finger-prints on the screen no matter how many times I clean it, OS 10.4.11, and a second battery already on its last legs. Plus, when I try to sync my phone or upload new photos and check my email at the same time, I get the spinning color wheel of slowness. Granted, sure, I could just upgrade my software but did I mention the MacBook Pros are shiny and silver?? They may not be the "new" thing in technology, but they're new to me, and that's exciting enough!

Must Scapegoat for the Moral Decline of Society

Lindsay Lohan. Hear me out! She has made more than her fair share of mistakes at a very young age, sure, and she still doesn't seem to take her offenses all that seriously. But she should not be held up as an example of what is wrong with young Hollywood because she has an actual disease. There are parts of her behavior that she probably can't fix right now because she doesn't know how. She needs rehab-- real rehab-- not jail and not even the SCRAM bracelet because that is causing her to white-knuckle it cold turkey and most likely won't result in anything but a binge once it gets ripped off. She needs a non-starf*cker sponsor, some sober friends, and maybe even a hug-- not to constantly be plastered on TMZ and pointed at, saying how far she has fallen and what a terrible person she is. All that probably just fuels her addiction issues.

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