Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Will Be My Year!...

Sooo a few years ago while I was working on a craft show for the DIY Network (and I am sure I've told this story before so please just feel free to skip this paragraph if you know it so well you can recite it back to me!), one of the producers looked me dead in the eye and told me that he predicted 2010 was going to be my year. I didn't know if I should be flattered or insulted; at that point 2010 seemed super far (like three or four whole years!) away. I was impatient; I wanted things to happen for me now. I mean then. Whenever. I also wasn't sure if he was being funny or not. He never claimed to be a psychic or anything and I wouldn't be surprised if he had just gotten annoyed with my incessant talk of all of the things I had "in the works." To get me to shut up about pilot scripts or manuscripts, he could have just given me a deadline far away enough that I wouldn't bring it up for awhile-- until long after the show we were working on ended anyway. I mean, that's what I would have done!

Still, I wrote down what he said and every time I got another rejection letter from a publisher or a publicist told me "my client doesn't have time" to conduct an interview for my little blog that could, I kept telling myself that everything was a stepping stone, and when things finally did happen-- in 2010-- I would be all the more humbled by and grateful for it because of what I had went through to get there. It would be my very own "They like me! They [finally] like me!" moment.

Don't get me wrong, nothing has drastically changed...yet. But I am not just sitting around and waiting for something to magically fall in my lap, or into place, just because someone once said things would all work out within this calendar year. You actually have to buy a ticket if you want to win the lottery, after all! And I am buying many, many tickets.

But above that, I am also making things happen for myself by self-publishing my pop culture memoir that is partially based on this blog. I'm going to take advantage of the "dating memoir" craze that is so popular now, especially with tote-bag sporting beach-goers, and I am going to utilize the followers and fans of this blog (and my Twitter account). I know that I won't hit official NY Times Bestseller status with something I've self-published, but if my story can reach an audience, even if it's a small one, make them laugh, make them think, and maybe even make them relate, then I'll be happy.

I have put the finishing touches on the manuscript and submitted it for formatting and interior design with a company called CreateSpace, a division of I have also forwarded a cover concept to a graphic designer to get the ball rolling on the total package. With all luck on my side, I will have finished books ready for purchase by the end of August. And with a little help from some other blogger friends, I will be spreading the word around the interwebs about my little book that could as a companion piece to this website. I promise it's as chock-full of television references and Jensen Ackles anecdotes as these articles, even though it spans the course of my formative years.

So hey, things can still all happen for me this year; after all, there's still a few months left in this bitch!

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