Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Casting The New Hottie on 'Supernatural'...

Let me preface this entry by saying that nothing in the official character breakdown explicitly requests a hunk. The character in question is actually being written as "calm under pressure and very good at his job." Not exactly specific in any way, let alone of the physicality. But the character, being called "Christian," also has to have a specific connection to the Winchester boys. Is he another long-lost brother? Or perhaps an uncle or cousin? Since the news that presumed-dead Grandpa Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) will be returning for a recurring arc in season six broke this morning, fans are speculating that this other new character will have major ties to their past, as well. And let's face it: if it is someone from their bloodline, then whoever is cast is going to have to live up to the chiseled good looks we have come to know from Dean, Sam, John, and even Samuel.

My top pick? Once again, it is Eric Winter. As I said when throwing out names for the newest Desperate Housewives hottie, I just want this guy back on my TV!

Like Jensen Ackles, Winter got his start on soaps-- on Days of our Lives, specifically-- and won me over due to his resemblance to the star who came before him. They have similar build and hair, and even though Winter is a bit more "smiley," he is an actor, and he can easily tone that down to match the brooding nature of these boys!

Or what about skewing a little older-- not to completely replace Papa Winchester (because now that Jeffrey Dean Morgan's film career isn't as hot as maybe he thought it would be by now, he's available to come back from the dead, too)-- but to supplement his demo? Patrick Fabian would be the man for you! He went salt-n-pepper a bit early in life, but it has made him seem so much more distinguished than anyone he shares a scene with. But he has stolen scenes in cult hits like Veronica Mars or Valentine for many more reasons other than just his looks. He can do the snarky wit with the best of them (and Ackles is the best of them!), after all.

Jason Dohring-- Admittedly, I never fell in love with his Logan Echolls the way so many did (and are now trying to convince me I should, too), but I can see where the actor himself would be charming enough to win over his audience. He can do the bad boy thing; he can do the puppy-dog eye "I made a mistake and I'm gonna make it again but love me anyway" thing. He may even be able to out-Sam Sam in that regard!

Jon Foster-- I watched Accidentally on Purpose simply to gaze at his scruffy face! But I would love to see him attempt to prove the range of his brother by taking on a more dramatic role.

Brian Hallisay-- He guest starred in an episode of Cold Case just about a week apart from guesting in an episode of Without a Trace. Ever since I saw those two, I knew he could do pretty much anything, and I would watch him in anything. But unfortunately the roles that came his way were pretty one-note (the pretty boy), and the projects were so lackluster they got canceled quickly. Just once I would like to see an up-and-comer I'm rooting for make it onto one of the already established shows I've been rooting for, in order to really prove ability but also gain maximum exposure!

Another pick would be Grant Show, who I also tapped for the Desperate Housewives spot. What can I say? I'm still Team Jake! Plus, rumor has it Supernatural does want a late-thirties or early-forties actor for the spot.

These are just a few of the names that came to me off the top of my head, but feel free to sound off in the comments about who you want to see fighting demons alongside the Winchesters!

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