Monday, June 21, 2010

Casting The Newest 'Desperate Housewives' Hottie...

EW announced earlier today that Desperate Housewives is looking to cast four new characters for it's seventh season-- well, okay technically it's three new ones and a recast of Tom and Lynette's tween daughter, Penny. But let's face it: only one casting breakdown caught my eye! That of the new thirty-something handyman who EW tells us to "think Mike Delfino, fifteen years ago." Guaranteed he is bound to have some sort of secret, but while the writers are still fleshing all the details out, you know what he will be in the meantime: new eye-candy!!
EW has selected Eric Winter, formally of Viva Laughlin & Moonlight as their frontrunner, and I'm inclined to agree simply because I want him back in my home every week! But just in case they can't meet his quote, here are a few other suggestions:

Greg Vaughan-- another former soap star who took a small primetime stint on 90210 last season. He has the bright, piercing eyes, pronounced cheekbones, and chin dimple that will capture eyes-- and hearts-- of viewers young and old.

Patrick John Flueger-- a young actor who looks similar enough to both Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) and Sam (Sam Page) that he could be caught up in the "swapped baby" melodrama promised for next season. He may currently be starring in another ABC drama, but so far the forecast isn't looking so good for a return on that one. Rather than lose a bright new star for the network, they can easily move him over to Wisteria Lane.

Francis Capra-- Playing Weevil, the on-again-off-again "bad guy" in Veronica Mars means he has the "dark and mysterious and sometimes even brooding" thing down. But you just know he has a softer side, too, and could add a nice flavor to the series, which has grown a bit more stereotypical over time.

Grant Show-- a former primetime soap star twice over who still looks as good as he did during his stints on earlier shows. He may be outside of the requested age from the show and the network, but what actor doesn't submit for younger roles, knowing that hair, make-up, and wardrobe can do wonders? He's still hot, and it would be a nice bonus to see him play alongside former co-star Doug Savant again!

Bryan Dattilo-- a soap star who was recently, and suddenly, fired from his long-term gig. Getting a new acting gig would revitalize his career and image the way the show will be revitalized with the new blood. It's a win-win for both, and he even has the real-life experiences to draw from, as he has been working in construction since leaving Days of our Lives.

Trying to pick one hot guy in the veritable sea of them in Hollywood is nearly impossible (though a fun task to attempt!). These are just the few that came to me right away and off the top of my head. Who would you put in the running?

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