Saturday, June 26, 2010

Congratulate Jensen Ackles on his Directorial Debut...

You guys know I love Jensen Ackles and a good fan campaign, and recently I learned of one that brings the two directly together. In honor of his directorial debut (with episode 6.03 of Supernatural, which is currently in production up in Vancouver), fans from the LiveJournal community are getting together to flood the production office with congratulatory cards for the star.

Ackles has wanted to jump behind the camera for a long time, but time (nor the perfect project) did not present itself. He has made it a point to study the camera crew on Supernatural as a way of learning the technical side to the business, as well as prepare him for the day he would finally take the director's chair. And that day came on his long-running genre show for The CW, most likely as a part of negotiating him to renew his contract. His episode is up first on the production schedule for season six, shooting out of order, to allow the star ample time and focus on pre-production.

Cards can be sent Ackles c/o Supernatural Films Inc, located at 8085 Glenwood Drive, Burnaby B.C. V3N 5C8. If you are mailing a standard postcard from the United States, you will need seventy-five cents worth of postage. However, you can always send a traditional greeting card, as well.

The campaign would like to remind everyone that these cards are being mailed to a place of business. Basically, be respectful and only send well wishes! And do not expect a response. Campaigns like this often see thousands of replies, each of which actors cannot personally answer, especially considering the rigorous shooting schedule upon which Ackles has just embarked-- and he's pulling double-duty on this one, too!

And if you plan to send a card, consider including congratulations for Ackles' May 2010 nuptials, as well!

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