Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hottie Awards!...

My Blogger friend Jim Halterman (who I believe I've only actually met in person once but feel like I know intimately from Twitter-- and the fact that we share so many of the same pop culture loves that he may just be the male me!) spent the past few weeks asking his readers, fans, and followers to weigh in on the ultimate conundrum: just who are the top male primetime hunks of all time??? This is a question I wrestle with often because, for me, it really is often "out of sight, out of mine," and I'm inclined to forget some I loved for a long time...just a long time ago.

Those his readers chose are worthy, don't get me wrong (and you can see the full list of his Top Ten Primetime Hunks over on his website), but I have to counter a few points. After all, a few on this list appear to be more "hot right now" than "have always been hot." Or at least, some are "new hot" because they're newer to the medium in general. It's like new money versus old money; it's still money, so it still counts, but it's not the same.

So without further ado, I present to you My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture's Hottie Awards, featuring my personal picks for The Top Ten Hotties of Primetime TV (in the order of their influence on me):

10. Esai Morales. Look, if I knew they made them like this in Brooklyn, I may not have left so quickly! There has always been something very distinguished about this gentleman-- even years before he started developing the salt and pepper around the temples! I have loved him as a professional in the workplace on NYPD Blue and the family man at home in American Family. He is serious about his craft and can do the mysterious thing which makes him even hotter than anything else!

9. Shemar Moore. To be fair, I knew him from Young & The Restless first, but I'm glad to see he has broken out into more mainstream success. This guy is the definition of hot. Between his soulful bedroom eyes, his chiseled cheekbones, his boisterous laugh...where was I going with this again? All I know is his abs still look too perfect to be real (so much so that I wasn't going to post a picture of them here...but you try finding a shot of him with his shirt on)!

8. Matthew Fox. He will always be Charlie Salinger to me! As much as I hated the character of Jack on LOST, I couldn't tear my eyes away from him (or fast-forward through his scenes) because of his portrayer. He is best when he is scruffy, but let's face it, he always looks good! I wouldn't mind being grounded in a house-- or being trapped on a desert island-- with him!

7. Kristoffer Polaha. Though many are just getting to know him now as somewhat hapless new dad on Life Unexpected, I have been singing his praises for years, screaming at my TV for him to take his shirt off more on North Shore (hey, they were set in Hawaii!) and feeling the heat rise during this guest appearances on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Better Off Ted. I even tuned into Hot Properties for this guy! What makes him hot is not just his build or face (though they help :D), but also the fact that he's a genuinely nice, good-hearted guy.

6. Chris Meloni. I don't know if it's his piercing eyes or tattoos or "bad cop" attitude, but he is big and gruff, and I just want to give him a hug! Maybe it's the family man in him; he plays it well on television and is it real life, but you just get the feeling (or at least I do) that he's a big teddy bear underneath the tough guy persona. Either way, you know he can-- and will-- protect you in a heartbeat. He's confident, too, but not to the point of arrogance.

5. Grant Show. I was Team Jake well before Twilight took over (and in my opinion, bastardized the meaning!). I was even willing to look past the ridiculous mustache of Swingtown and terrible sitcom patter of Accidentally on Purpose to catch glimpses of him. He somehow manages to ride the cute-hot line, which is a really hard thing to do! With big eyes and a wide smile, he's the boy-next-door-cute (even now, nearing age fifty) but then he lowers his voice and smirks a bit crookedly and he's downright smoldering hot!

4. Jesse L. Martin. I like the cop thing. Or at least a guy in uniform. Sue me. I grew up knowing him as a serious, rough-and-tumble cop on Law & Order but as I got a little bit older he was also the somewhat silly, fun-loving Tom Collins in RENT. His range as an actor makes him hot. I honestly can't decide if I like him better buttoned-up in suits or just wearing a big grin.

3. John Stamos. Yet another man who looks even better with age! But more than the "tall, dark, handsome" thing he has down, he's also good with kids (Full House taught us that!); he's sensitive (General Hospital taught us that!); and he's a healer (ER taught us that!). But he's also a musician, and let's face it, that's pretty hot, too!

2. Mark Paul Gosselaar. I thought he was hot when I was nine, and he was a teenager, bleach-blond and in acid wash jeans. And I'm pretty sure I'll think he's even hotter when I'm twenty-nine, even if he is wearing his hair long again. He has great eyes, a great smile, and a great butt (remember NYPD Blue? Rumor has it we will be seeing more of that side of him on his new TNT show!).

1. Jensen Ackles. Was there really any wondering about this one? He fits into the Top Ten Daytime Hottie Awards, too, if I decide to do one of those (and I just might since my recent stint with Days of our Lives made me realize how much I missed the crushes of my youth, like Austin Peck, Bryan Dattilo, and Roark Critchlow!). What else is left to say about this one? He has physical hotness, of course, but his talent makes him even hotter. He managed to steal the show from two strong women when he guest starred for one episode in nineties sitcom Cybill. But today he takes a pretty "out there" show (Supernatural) and grounds it in realism with his oftentimes heartbreaking portrayal of Dean Winchester, who is a guy's guy but a little boy lost, too.

But remember: these are just my personal choices. I will open the comments up to my readers! Who did I leave off the list that you feel should have made it? Sound off below!


Jamie said...

I am shocked - SHOCKED - by these choices ;)

But my newly obsessed with Criminal Minds self is very pleased to see Shemar Moore included and also votes for Matthew Gray Gubler (shut up, I love him).

Jim said...

I'm sorry...Grant Show ahead of Shemar? Was that a typo??

danielletbd said...

@Jamie-- What shut up? I like Matthew, but apparently I have a "type" and he doesn't quite fit it!

@Jim-- Haha no oddly enough I have loved Grant longer and harder (heh that sounds wrong) than Shemar. There's just something about him!

LindaK said...

Thanks for naming Shemar as one of your hottest stars. However, he should be at #1. There is not a sexier or more talented man in the universe.

Jamie said...

Haha I was just trying to preempt potential teasing b/c my type is never the person you're *supposed* to like. You're supposed to think Shemar Moore is the hottest guy on Criminal Minds. But I will always go for Spencer Reid.