Monday, June 14, 2010

Kathy Griffin Brings Intentional Humor Back To Bravo...

Kathy Griffin is about to embark upon her sixth season of My Life on the D-List. Well, in truth, she has already wrapped production on the Emmy Award-winning Bravo reality show, but the episodes do not start airing until tomorrow night (be sure to tune in at nine!). After six years, two Emmys, and even a bestselling memoir, though, how D-List can she still really be??

Well, according to the sharp-tongued comedienne herself, still pretty damn D-List! Though the premiere episode features Liza Minnelli, which is admittedly pretty A-List, Griffin told My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture not to worry because a couple of episodes later, she falls right back down, where she self-deprecatingly jokes that she belongs, when she spends a few days visiting Levi Johnston in Wasila Alaska.

This season will be just like previous ones when it comes to being jam-packed full of guest stars and Griffin's famous friends. The premiere focuses primarily on her own guest spot on Law & Order: SVU and showcases the procedural stars Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay, along with the aforementioned Minnelli who turns up as surprise acting coach for Griffin. She admits with such a great caliber of crowd, "it's hard to pick a favorite-- especially when none of the guests even know who the other ones are!" And don't worry, fans of Griffin's Hollywood-centric stand-up shows: even as she gets to know more and more of these people personally, she still considers everyone fair game when it comes to putting stories in her upcoming acts. "No one is off-limits in my act," she said, "Just ask my mother!"

Mama Maggie will be back in this season, of course, breakout star that she has become (she even has her own memoir out at the end of the month)! The Griffin women face off in one episode during an "estate sale" held at the Melrose Trading Post, a live taping event I was on-hand to witness (and even picked up a gorgeous vase that Griffin was kind enough to sign for me). The morning was designed to be a competition between the women, and personally I think the senior Griffin would have wiped the floor with her daughter had they had empty Franzia boxes on hand that could be sold and then autographed by the boxed-wine connoisseur. But Griffin told My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture that she still lost. "Of course I didn't outsell Maggie! She is the breakout star of My Life on the D-List. She is the Snooki, and I am merely Sammi "Sweetheart."

One of Griffin's stand-out moments from the season was when she and her mother judged a kids' beauty pageant. "I happily sought out and will continue to seek out toddler pageants!" Griffin admitted freely when My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture asked if she pitched the pageant or if the pageant pitched her regarding participation.

"When I learned that the contestants can be as young as two weeks old, I knew it would be comedy gold," she continued. "What I learned is that these pageants are kind of sick, kind of dysfunctional, and all kinds of fabulous!"

But on a more serious note, Griffin has been a staunch activist for troops and for the gay population in our country. In earlier seasons she has been shown traveling overseas to visit active military branches via USO tours, as well as marching for equality right here in Los Angeles. This season has the same staunch political presence as she visits Washington D.C. to step up her efforts. "Let me tell you, the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" episode we did in D.C pretty much kicked my butt!" Griffin shared. "On one hand I got to meet with Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, Barney Frank, and most importantly several brave men and women whose lives have been decimated by DADT while bravely serving our country. On the other hand, I got kicked out of a Senate hearing and had a...nasty run in with Michelle Bachman. Let me just say she didn't fair too well." Which means it will definitely be a fun scene to watch for Griffin supporters!

The full Team Griffin is back this season, and Griffin has some extra special surprises in store for Tom and Tiffany! First while visiting Alaska she hosts a Bachelor-style rose ceremony to find a boyfriend for Tiffany. Does a match made in snowy heaven come out of it? You'll have to watch to find out for sure, but I'm guessing no since it was thrown together kind of last minute and held in a bar in some rural town in Alaska, for chrissakes!

And as for Tom, Griffin joked that finding him a lady might prove to be a bit more difficult, not because he "has barely no eyebrows left"-- her words, not mine, I swear! But instead because "Tom has a thing for the mature ladies, so his dream would be a naughty three-way with Helen Mirren and Dame Judy Dench." Griffin may be movin' on up with the quality of the famous friends who appear on her show, but that may be just a leetle bit of a stretch!

"My mother Maggie will soon be releasing her lesbian sex tape," Griffin added. "Okay, I just said that last part to get you to watch my show!" As if I wasn't going to already!

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