Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Secret Works...Sort of...

Back in January, I published my wishes in the way of pop culture for this year. By putting it out on this public blog, I effectively put it out into the universe. And if Oprah-- and Kathy Griffin by way of mocking Oprah-- has taught us nothing, we know that when you visualize it, it will come. Sort of.

Back in January, the last item on my list was a sequel to Mean Girls. A sequel that maybe could be set in an old age home so Betty White (who at the time wasn't working nearly as much-- I'm kidding, of course) could be brought back to the big screen. Hopefully alongside Maggie Griffin and original Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese's grandmother, who has quite the presence on his YouTube channel.

Remember, guys, the point is that I wanted a SEQUEL. Not a remake. Not a revamp. Not another high school movie with the same name and similar themes.

Most of you guys watch Supernatural, right? So then you remember the episode (4.8: "Wishful Thinking") in which a small town had a wishing well that actually worked due to a very special coin at the bottom of it. Only the wishes turned "bad." A little girl wanted a real life teddy bear, and she got an alcoholic, depressed one who tried to kill himself, just for an example.

Well, similarly it appears that my wish went just as bad. Because another Mean Girls-esque movie is in the works but it centers on a popular (and probably snooty, though surprisingly not rich) girl who is forced to befriend a wallflower (who surprisingly is rich) when said wallflower's dad agrees to pay the popular girl's tuition. Sound ridiculous enough for you?? Sound like there will be a "stripping off the glasses and putting on more form-fitting clothes" makeover moment for the wallflower, too? Le sigh. I thought-- or at least I was hoping-- we had moved evolved the stereotypes of the nineties teen movies!

I still think mine has a place in entertainment! Maybe I'll begin drafting an outline. I'm not doing anything else these days anyway...

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