Friday, June 11, 2010

We Did It!...

Less than a month ago I blogged about a group of Supernatural fans getting together on LiveJournal to raise money to take out an ad in a trade publication as a "Thank You" to Eric Kripke for not only creating but also dedicating five years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and a little Holy Water to the demon-hunting brothers (and their ever-growing band of handy helpers!). Though the show and its stars have signed on for season six over on The CW, Kripke is turning his showrunner duties over to writer/producer Sera Gamble instead.

This morning thousands of Hollywood Reporter weekend editions were delivered to homes, offices, and home offices around the entertainment industry with a very special glossy inside back cover. A full page, black and white text message was printed on the thick, not quite cardstock paper. We did it!

The copy reads: "Thank You Eric Kripke for five amazing years of SUPERNATURAL.

To Eric Kripke, Over the past five years, we've traveled the back roads of America with the Winchester brothers saving people, hunting things, and kicking ass at the family business. We fell in love with a 1967 Impala, classic rock and emotionally codependent brothers all thanks to you. It was your imagination and vision that brought Supernatural to life and imbued it with such heart and scope.

Thank you for the last five years of Supernatural. Thank you for letting Sam and Dean Winchester be a part of our lives. On whatever road you travel next, know that your fans will gladly shut their cakeholes and ride shotgun with you.

Thank you."

The ad also includes a quote from Kripke, where he talks about his love for the fans. Obviously the feeling is more than mutual!

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