Thursday, July 1, 2010

What 80s/90s Pop Culture Staples Do YOU Remember?...

I have found THE BEST WEBSITE ever! It's a Tumblr page, which, to be honest, I still don't get. But it doesn't even matter because the content is so amazing, it could be mailed to me old-fashioned fanzine style, and I'd still eat it up. In fact, I I'd sit on the top of the stairs by the mailboxes in my apartment building and wait for the delivery of each edition! In fact, I used to subscribe to a few of those, including the Olsen twins' one that came complete with family photos as well as Jonathan Taylor Thomas' one, which I suspect was run by his middle-aged manager and had no actual ties to the young heartthrob himself...

And actually, the author of the page would probably appreciate the fanzine reference because her site is all about eighties and nineties nostalgia.

"I'm Remembering" is the name of the website, and Hillary, the author and also a publicist, compiles photos and YouTube videos where appropriate of toys, foods, characters, personalities, shows, and games from growing up during those embarrassing decades. She encourages her readers to write to her with their own memories in case there are things that just slipped her mind. She also posts photos of readers from back in the day, showing off bad haircuts and crooked teeth as they clutch whatever long-forgotten gifts they got for that year's Christmas or birthday or Easter...and the fact that they're usually decked out in pop culture pajamas is a bonus!

The site features everything from Garbage Pail Kids cards to the Mall Madness board game. There are things I knew and loved, like Skip-It, Polly Pocket, plastic charm bracelets, and Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead. There are things I partook in at the time but by which, looking back, am kind of grossed out, like Orbitz soda, astronaut ice cream, and the McDonald playground, which was always just sticky! There are things I missed altogether (and am a little bummed about, quite frankly!) like Ice Cream Cone cereal, the shoe phone, and Pocket Rocker tapes. There are even things that are still around, like button candy, candy cigarettes, and skeeball.

It was the perfect find for me just shortly after screening Toy Story 3 because while that movie made me kick myself for ever donating any of my old toys or games, this website makes me want to scour eBay and yard sales until I can buy back some of my long-lost faves!

However, the most fun for me was going through all sixty-nine (thus far) pages to see what else I remembered that was not yet represented and then sending a list in to hopefully see my contributions make the site. Though I came up with a list of almost one hundred items (hey, my life was all about pop culture during those decades-- so much so that I wrote a book about it, remember), some of my favorites are the following: the Home Alone 2 Gameboy game, Wacky Packages, "The Girl With The Green Ribbon Around Her Neck," slap bracelets, Shania Twain's "You're Still The One," Lisa Frank-- especially the golden retriever, the Disney Viewmaster, Keroppi, Tamagotchis, and the Play-Doh barbershop.

I could literally sit here and come up with these all day. In fact, I spent a good part of yesterday doing that as it is, and I have "real" work to do! So feel free to leave some of your favorite pop culture memories from the eighties and nineties in the comments! And definitely check out "I'm Remembering" for ones that have already made the cut!

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