Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why 'The Gates' May Be The Breakout Summer Show...

Desperate Housewives may be done for the summer, but ABC isn't ready to lose viewers to the enticing cool breeze of a mall walk. No, instead, they hope you just turn up your A/C this summer and stay indoors for The Gates, a new drama about a family who moves into a prestigious, private community only to find that things inside the ironwork are a bit more supernatural than they may have assumed. And The Gates more than fits the bill as a refreshing piece of summer fluff!

Frank Grillo is Nick, the new police chief in town, brought onto the job after the old one "suddenly" retires down to Mexico. He moves his family, including his wife and two teenage children, into The Gates at the drop of a hat and is immediately greeted by casseroles from picture-perfect neighbors...and a missing persons case that is anything but picturesque!

See, rich neighbor Claire (Rhona Mitra) is a vampire currently experiencing cravings. After a handyman crashes his truck in front of her house, she catches his scent and just can't help herself. Unfortunately, storing his blood in a wine bottle in her cellar is not the only evidence she has to hide, though, which leads Nick right to her door.

Very quickly the show's introductions of the other characters prove that Claire is not the exception but the norm. The Gates takes your typical family problems and amplifies them through superhuman abilities. Where there would normally just be angsty teens worrying about pep rallies and the new kid in school hitting on their girlfriends are werewolves in training, such as Colton Haynes. He has to deal with coming of age and coming into his true self.

The town also features witches who sell potions in the forms of soups, oils, and teas. They are designed to help with things like Claire's cravings but also will inevitably serve to bring out some powers in others. If this means they can turn a "regular" family into what the rest of those within the community are, it remains to be seen. However, those who have lived there for a long time repeatedly point out in the pilot that they have done a very serious, thorough job at keeping themselves safe behind the gates. The addition of Nick's family threatens their very livelihood; it goes without saying that everyone will do what they can to protect themselves.

Or maybe someone within his family isn't really what they seem?? The Gates has melodrama worthy of any primetime soap, but it also capitalizes on the current vampire craze, which makes it a nice slice of the times, as well.

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