Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Grown Up, Zack Morris Is Saying 'Yep' To Dope...

Back when he was bleach blond and worried about evading Mr. Belding, Mark-Paul Gosselaar appeared as a spokesman for D.A.R.E to keep kids off drugs. He was the voice on the 1-800 hotline you could call to get information on the program, and he even appeared in a P.S.A alongside then President of NBC Brandon Tartikoff telling viewers of his then-hit sitcom Saved by the Bell that there was "no hope with dope." But these days he's all grown up and newly single and maybe he just needs a little something more to get him through the days because has has taken a guest starring role on Showtime's reefer comedy, Weeds.

Weeds returns with all new episodes this August, and Gosselaar's character is rumored to be a local "rough around the edges" bar owner who acts as a potential romantic interest for Nancy (Mary Louise Parker). But considering she just had a baby with a Mexican drug lord, chances are Gosselaar's fate is not going to fare too well.

But what was really exciting about this news is the new photo of Gosselaar sites like TV Guide ran when reporting on it. A far cry from the long, scraggly hair days of Raising the Bar; he is looking go-od!

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