Sunday, July 4, 2010

Casting The New 'Office' Boss...

Entertainment Weekly did a page in this week's issue on who they thought should replace Michael Scott (please, as if anyone could truly replace him) when Steve Carell leaves The Office at the end of next season. Now, I don't personally think anyone should replace him; I think the show should go out while it's still relatively popular. However, the magazine did offer one story choice that I thought was perfect: a way for the show to get back some of its tragic comedy that made it as infamous as Michael Scott himself. In that, they suggested to bring back Amy Ryan as H.R. representative Holly Flax just as Michael is on his way out the door. Another missed romantic opportunity! But she is just as oddball to be a good match for him, professionally, too.

But if the network is determined to keep the show going and Ryan is unavailable, here are a few other suggestions of outsiders they can bring in to shake things up at Sabre-Dunder Mifflin.

Aisha Tyler. She is beautiful and hysterical but she is a self-proclaimed nerd, too, and I would love to see her step in as a sleek executive who turns all the guys' heads but ends up bonding most with Dwight over Battlestar Gallactica. I also think it would be a great dynamic to see a powerful woman in charge in the office; guys like Dwight and Kevin wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

Macaulay Culkin. Remember the episode of Will & Grace he did where he played the "wet behind the ears" lawyer? I would love to see a similar character pop up on this show: a kid just out of school steps in out of nowhere and heads right to the top. Maybe he's really bumbling and not quite sure of what to do, or maybe it's all an act so he can see the true colors of the staff while they think he's incompetent. Either way it would bring the funny!

Christian Slater. Playing a version of himself. After all, he guested in Sabre's "welcome" video when the company bought out Dunder-Mifflin. And also, the actor himself isn't faring so well in his own scripted shows, so it would be a bit meta to have that mentioned on-screen in a moment where he re-evaluates his life plan and decides he just wants to be a "regular" guy who goes to an office job every day.

Josh Holloway. A laid-back Southern guy transplanting from Sabre, he doesn't really give a crap about the business. Maybe he's related to a board member or executive, so they throw him a middle management job to keep him in the family business and keep up appearances, but he would much rather be out on the farm or something. He and Dwight can bond over that; Kelly can walk by his office saying "Oh you wanted me?" to try to impart that idea into his head; he can bring back casual Friday with his jeans, boots, and half unbuttoned shirts.

And if the show opts not to bring someone new in, then I'd like to see Mindy Kaling step up. Kelly Kapoor in charge? The place would be repainted pink; everyone's phones would be bedazzled; and people would be taking notes with furry or feathered pens. Plus she would probably bring back Cafe Disco, only there would be a stage set up inside, and she and Erin (Ellie Kemper) would perform for their office mates. It would just be too much fun!

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Jaime said...

Considering I think they've kept The Office around for about two too many seasons, I think they should take Steve Carell's cue and just bow out before it get's *really* bad. Oh wait. Too late. I can't even watch the show anymore.