Friday, July 16, 2010

Christian Kane Sings The Praises of 'Leverage,' Alona Tal & Bob Ezrin...

Christian Kane plays tough guy Eliot Spencer on TNT's Leverage, but in actuality he couldn't be a nicer guy! The artist, actor, and musician may also be one of the more hard working guys in show business right now, promoting the next episode of the series, in which he performs one of his original songs on-screen. "The Studio Job" airs on Sunday, July 18th and features a track entitled "Thinking of You" that Kane co-wrote but shares on-screen performance credit with episode guest stars John Schneider and Alona Tal.

Kane called My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture earlier this week to chat about pulling double-duty, how he approaches his music differently from his acting performances, and where his fans may be able to find him next!

On switching back and forth from actor mode to musician mode:
- "They're two different monsters, and it is a little bit of work to manage both, but I am doing it! I am allowed this opportunity, so you really don't think about it. After this season of Leverage I immediately go on a radio tour, and then after the radio tour I come back for season four of Leverage. It's just something you do that are completely different things but luckily they happen to overlap on this episode ["The Studio Job"]."

On how he prepares for a scene on set versus a song on stage:
- "It's more inside, I think, when I'm acting. I kind of stick to myself, and I kind of act the whole thing out in my head before I go on set. I am a reactionary guy, but at the same time I've got a map before I walk into a scene. But music I don't; I just get loose, and I'm open and outward with the band and stuff. And then I go out there and I shoot from the hip. I never know what's going to happen."

On sharing emotional scenes with guest star Alona Tal (Supernatural's Jo Harvelle):
- "She was amazing. It was going to be tough finding someone who can sing and act at the same time; it's one of the toughest things; I don't know a lot of people who can do it...We all know her as a great actress, but the singing part was just a blessing in disguise. If she wouldn't have been able to nail that, the episode won't work. It was a very emotional driven piece on all sides of it. There's a little bit of comedy in there with the rest of the crew, but I'm very proud that she was able to come in and do that."

On influencing Tal's performance of his song:
- "I called Jensen Ackles who had worked with her on Supernatural-- Jensen's a good friend of mine-- and I said 'Hey can this girl sing?' And Jensen said 'Absolutely, man,' so we ran with it. You never know where the word of mouth is going to come from. I didn't call a director; I called one of my best friends who is an actor...I gave her a couple of pointers, but the girl knows how to sing, so I didn't have to lead her too far. She had never sang country music before so-- it's hard to tell people how to put heart into a song, but she already had that-- so I explained to her in full detail why I wrote the song. She got that whole concept, and she ran with it."

On the inspiration behind a particularly funny scene in "The Studio Job" where Aldis Hodge seems to channel Randy Jackson, constantly telling Eliot he's "too pitchy":
- "It's a funny story...I'm working with Bob Ezrin right now. He's a producer on my album; he's a rock legend, and of course, I'm doing country music, but my country has a little bit of rock and roll to it. And that exact conversation has been said between me and Bob, but of course Bob knows what he's talking about!"

On the fan interest in attending an upcoming Salute to Supernatural convention due to his relationship with Ackles and Steve Carlson:
- "I've got the best fans in the world. They've been really supportive for years, and I really appreciate it...You know, we did a Leverage convention, and we're going to do our best to have [another]. [People say conventions] are only for sci-fi but A) our show is in that genre. You don't realize it, but it is. And just tell my Angel fans, they'll show up!

Kane's single "Thinking of You" will be available on iTunes on Sunday in time for the airing of this very special episode. Make sure you're following My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture on Twitter to find out how to win a free mp3 of the track! And if you want to read more from our chat, head over to my Examiner page.

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