Friday, July 9, 2010

DanielleTBD Is Remembering...

A companion piece to my forthcoming interview with "I'm Remembering" creator Hillary Buckholtz, these are all of the things I remember...well, all of the things I remember and have photographic proof of anyway!

Sitting in a pile of my toys. If you look carefully
you're bound to find one you remember, too.
Cabbage Patch Kid? Pound Puppy? Whatever!
I wasn't impressed.

Nothing says eighties like wooden trains! And
plastic wrap on the couch. Or maybe that was just my family...

Fisher Price hot dogs just don't taste right!

Fisher Price skates. I tried them; I didn't like them.


Kids imitating Michael Jackson and it not being
super creepy.

Tire swings!

Halloween costumes that were nothing more than slightly fitted
ponchos with popular characters painted on them.

Carvel flying saucers. Also juice boxes and
"racks" when that term didn't refer to a woman's chest.

I don't know what this doll was called but she
roller bladed on her own and I loved her.

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