Friday, July 2, 2010

The Hottie Awards: Daytime Hotties...

You might say: "The Hottie Awards again? Are you really doing that so soon?" And to that I say: "Of course! Have you met me!?"

I had so much fun creating my Top Ten Hotties of Primetime TV last week that I would consider it a success, even if it wasn't one of my higher viewed entries of the month (which is also actually was). But this time I'm going back to my roots, so to speak, and taking a look at who I consider the Top Ten Hotties of Daytime TV! Once again, this is an "of all time" list which will undoubtedly and admittedly be a bit limited to my narrow time with the genre, but I have done my best to include representatives from all of the shows-- including ones we have loved and lost. So here we go!

10. Winsor Harmon. He's blond; he's ripped; he's cocksure. He's pretty much what I always imagined L.A. surfer boys to be! And when it came to comparing him with Ridge, I felt there was no comparison! Still, he was the underdog in a lot of senses, and that made him even hotter to me. Like Jill Zarin, I'm always rooting for the underdog!

9. Eddie Matos. He plays the dark and mysterious bad boy really, really well (like a non-threatening Charlie Sheen), but he also has a sensitive and caring side underneath that he only lets slip out with women he loves. That's pretty much the formula for a successfully hot soap star, no? But if that isn't enough, he's a musician, and you know that works wonders, too! Also, he has me thisclose to switching insurance agencies :D

8. Kiko Ellsworth. I was completely with Port Charles up until the end. I was not one of the fans that went running when they started in with the supernatural story lines. In fact, I embraced it; they were the precursor to shows like Vampire Diaries. They had the fake fangs, the angst, and the hot men! All soap leading men have to have the ability to command a scene and make the women sitting on their couch at home feel like they are the women in the scene on-screen-- whether they're in a romantic restaurant, at a family function, or in bed. And he really mastered that! The combination of his bright eyes and his brighter smile are the one-two punch of attraction, even when you knew he was about to turn into a werewolf. His wife is a lucky, lucky lady!

7. Galen Gering. This man looks too good to be true, but I've seen him in person (wandering around a mall in the valley with his wife, no less!), and his hotness transcends past the television screen! He makes law enforcement look attractive, sticking with his Passions role from its conception to completion and now moving up to the bigger leagues (FBI) on Days of our Lives. Whether he's in scruff or a suit, this former model knows how to make it work...with a little bit of mystery!

6. Austin Peck. Back when I first started watching soaps, this guy was the very first one I crushed on. His goofy sense of humor and artistic ability only added to his charm, and of course, his amazing abs. He has grown up from a one-time Playgirl playmate to a dad of two, but he still knows how to give audiences what they want! And what we want is his big smile...and more skin!

5. Mark Consuelos. He has always reminded me of John Stamos for one reason or another, and that alone is enough to endear himself to me in my book! But more than that, the years I was watching soaps were the years I was a sucker for real life romance tales, too, so to see him play opposite his real life girlfriend-turned-wife was just such an "Awww" factor, it raised his hotness quota by quite a few points. He has great hair and amazing lips and seems like an all-around sweetheart, too! Who says nice guys always have to finish last??

4. Jonathan Jackson. He started out "cute" but grew into hot. He won me over, not on television oddly enough, but in the 1994 summer camp romp Camp Nowhere, where he was supposed to be the nerd but definitely had more girls swooning than greasy "bad boy" Andrew Keegan. And as the "golden child" on General Hospital he won even more hearts. He will always be the one and only Lucky! Plus, he kind of looks like My First Boyfriend, so he and I will always have a very special connection!

3. Jason Cook. He used to wear boots and jeans, an earring, and have a tribal tattoo henna-ed around his arm. Then he grew up into sweaters and a gold cross necklace. Now he dons a white doctor's coat and scrubs. But it doesn't matter what you put this guy in; he rocks everything, even being tied up in a cage! He is a smart actor, too, and he has a passion for the behind-the-scenes workings of the industry, which, to me, makes him even sexier! Oh wait, should I separate the Sexiest Stars from the Hotties? Hmm...semantics can be fun!!

2. Shemar Moore. People were shocked he was so low on the list of the Primetime Hunks, but I have to admit I don't watch his show. And his influence on me usually came from between the covers of Soap Opera Digest anyway. Maybe you think he shouldn't even be on this list since he's no longer on a soap, but that's how I knew and loved him best (and how I had ample time to ogle his abs!) so I'm making my own rules!

1. Jensen Ackles! "Wait a minute," you might say. "Wasn't he #1 on your Primetime list, too?" Well, yes, but before he was on The WB-turned-CW, he was Eric Brady on Days of our Lives, taking photos of a wannabe model Nicole, helping his friend Billie go undercover, and falling in love with "Swamp Girl" who was really a princess. He cut his teeth, acting wise, on the soap, learning the importance of mixing character work with camera work. And the thing about soaps: he was usually shirtless through it all!

But once again, these are those with whom I have had a very personal connection. Who are your favorites??

+ And just for the record, I feel absolutely terrible about having to leave Eric Winter off these lists! There just wasn't enough room! And I personally feel he hit hit hottest after he left soaps because he was just a boy in daytime, but he became a man in primetime. Someone better get him a new show, stat, so his face can once again grace this site!

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