Monday, July 26, 2010

The Hottie Awards: Model Edition...

Between the Reality TV Edition, in which I found myself leaving out contestants on shows like Make Me A Supermodel, and the brief mention I made of one in particular during the Music Edition, I realized I absolutely had to include a category for male models. They are unsung heroes of pop culture many times, as we see their faces (and their abs) in magazines, on billboards, and even in commercials, but we don't often know their names. I'm not assuming I'm about to introduce you to anyone new today, but I think these guys we ogle but don't often get to hear from deserve note (and more notice), too.

The Top Ten Hotties of the Modeling World (which, I'm pretty sure, is redundant!)

10. Jon Kortajarena. I knew him as "that Guess guy" but he's oh, so much more! Not only has he rocked three-piece suits and swimsuits for the likes of Versace and Armani, he fills out Diesel jeans nicely, too. And if his thick head of hair, lean build, and soulful but seriously intense eyes aren't enough, he was also ranked in the top ten successful male models on Forbes' 2009 list. In an industry where female models usually make the most money, that's pretty hot. But I'd like him even if he wasn't rich!

9. Jeff Pickel. He's been in this business for twenty years but has never quite become a household name, even if you undoubtedly recognize his face and physique from countless campaigns. The guy does the "rough around the edges" look really, really well, but he's a big softie at heart and can often be seen in the early hours of the morning news appearing with Adopt-A-Pets in order to give deserving animals their forever homes. That is something nice to wake up to, let me tell ya!

8. Gabriel Aubry. He was named one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People (so how could I not include him?) after successful campaigns for designers I normally don't like because they're too preppy (Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, DKNY, for example). However, he wore his prep with a little stubble which was just street enough for me! And maybe it's because he's foreign, but he makes stubble look elegant! I don't know what's wrong with Halle Berry that she no longer wants him; I'll take him!!

7. Gilles Marini. He may have gone on to be a successful actor of both big and small screen, but he got his start as a model and early acting gigs came to him for his looks when his accent was too strong to really understand. More than any other model working in recent years, I believe he has the market cornered on "exotic."

6. Ryan Barry. I first found him through the NoH8 campaign. I was browsing the celebrity shots and mistook his for Brandon Beemer's. When I saw the name printed under the photo, I wanted to find out more about who this hottie was! Turns out: an underwear model! And you can't put together a list of the hottest fashion models without throwing in at least one underwear model, right? I mean, it kinds of says it all right in the title. You can't not be hot and be an underwear model. But oh yeah, he has nice eyes, too.

5. Brett Novek. This kid reminded me of Jason Cook when I first saw him on America's Most Smartest Model. Years later, I finally got to interview him as he was promoting a new Showtime project, and I got excited that he was attempting to cross over from modeling into acting, so I tapped him as the lead in a pilot on which I started working. But that's neither here nor there. He is tan and toned and his eyes and teeth seem almost iridescent because of it. But he's still young and excited by the work, too, and that's a pretty attractive quality right there!

4. David Gandy. He's British, so he has the accent going for him, though as a print model I'm not sure any of his fans have ever actually heard him speak. I know I haven't, and it doesn't even matter. His campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and 7 for All Mankind more than speak for themselves! He is tall, dark, and handsome and (maybe it's the European thing) comes across as much more worldly than his numerical age would suggest.

3. Marcus Schenkenberg. He is one of few guys I have thought looked good with long hair, and he definitely paved the way for the Josh Holloways of the world to be gruff and scruffy! Something in his eyes always hinted at a mystery, a controversy, or at least a complication. He seemed to create a character that women would want to try to figure out. Cheesy romance novel covers featured Fabio; the quality ones featured Marcus!

2. Jonathan Waud. He didn't win his season of Make Me A Supermodel but he should have. And he did get a lucrative underwear campaign out of the competition, so I guess that will have to do. Hmm...I guess a good chunk of the models I know are ones I've seen on TV. Oh well; still counts! Anyway this guy is ripped, for sure, but he is a sweetheart, too, who adores and dotes on his wife and son. It is hotter to watch him with pride in his eyes as he takes his son to the park (he posted videos on his blog; I'm not a complete stalker!) than to see him strip down for a steamy campaign. But I wouldn't turn down a chance to see that in person either!

1. Tyson Beckford. I used to follow him around a supermarket in New Jersey just to see the hotness up close and personal and know that it really, truly could exist outside of airbrushing and special lighting. I honestly can't decide if he looks better in a sleek suit or shirtless, showing off his bare skin but for his tattoos. What I really find hot about this guy is that he has parlayed looking good into a life-long career from working print, runway, and hosting a reality show where he attempts to find and train the next supermodel. He is a businessman, and having brains in that hot head of his makes him the clear number one!

Oh man, I'd hate to be the poor saps who have to follow this category!

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