Monday, July 5, 2010

The Hottie Awards: Reality TV Edition...

Today on the docket for My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture's Hottie Awards, we're still sticking with the medium of television for ... Top Ten Hotties of Reality TV!

10. Curtis Stone. The accent. The skills in the kitchen. The desire to see everyone eat better so they can live better lives. He sounds too good to be true, doesn't he? And then when he appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, he was low-key, quiet, respectful, a thinker rather than someone who wanted to talk over everyone else to get the most camera time. In that situation, and when he flits in and out of The Biggest Loser for a brief episode or two per season, he always leaves you wanting more, and sometimes that can be hotter than anything else.

9. Eric Nies. You can't mention reality TV without this guy. He was one of a few who put The Real World on the map and then went on to host his own show-- usually without his shirt. He has kept fit throughout all these years later, even though he chooses now to wear his hair longer and his clothes looser. Whereas he was once a cocky kid always looking to show off his what he considered his best assets, now he is centered and more humble, which makes him even hotter.

8. Colby Donaldson. He had the Southern gentlemen thing down on a show that was all about scheming to vote each other off. It didn't hurt that the show he chose to go on was designed to keep its contestants in as little clothes as possible, either!

7. Jessie Pavelka. Everyone is going on and on about this guy Jake with the same last name (to my knowledge, there is no relation, thank God, though!), but this fitness trainer is the true hottie! He is in incredible shape, as should go without saying in his line of work, but he utilizes his passion to not only make himself look good but to help others look and feel good, too. And you know he can make you feel good!

6. Sam Talbot. Men who can cook are hot. Enough said. Also, he's what I imagine Shia LeBeouf will be when he finally grows up.

5. Simon Cowell. You may think he shouldn't count. After all, he has never been a reality show contestant, only a judge. But to that I say: reality TV is reality TV! He is known for his blunt behavior, dry commentary, and snarky eye-rolls, but he is the most distinguished member of reality TV in...well, ever, probably!

4. Drew Daniel. The fact that he won the half-million dollar prize on his season of Big Brother was a bonus in his the Q rating of his hotness. The fact that he (along with his twin brother) were models and featured in stock photos on Reba really just proves his hotness on a more mainstream scale. This guy played a good, clean game while on a show known for back-stabbing, "back-dooring," and flat out making scummy moves. He is down-to-Earth, though, and doesn't even seem to truly know just how hot he is which means he's not arrogant or scummy, himself.

3. Brody Jenner. He epitomizes the kind of spoiled rich kids that I usually really abhor. Yet he does it all with a great grin and a tongue-in-cheek stab at humor toward himself. He rocks suits on the red carpet, designer duds at clubs, swim trunks and wetsuits out on the sands of Malibu, and even bedazzled jeans during a prank on his own reality show, Bromance. Come on, a guy who is comfortable enough with himself and his level of fame to do a show called Bromance? There's some charm in that, too!

2. James Clement. This man was made to be famous. When he appeared on Survivor, it was hard to believe he wasn't already a model or athlete or something with that build! His bright smile and laugh literally brightened up even the tensest tribal moments, and I admit I tuned into his seasons just for him...well, and for my friend Alexis who was also on one of them...but mostly for him! With all of the reality stars who refuse to just go away, I wish he hadn't been so quick to get back to his "regular" life after his time in the spotlight (and on primetime TV) came to an end!

1. Ryan Sutter. This man takes the top prize for not only his fireman physique and laid-back style but also because he was a rare breed in reality TV land: someone who wasn't salivating at getting famous! He's a family man, devoted to the wife he found on a reality dating show (what!? imagine that!) and their children, and that really means so much more than his sparkling bedroom eyes or resemblance to White Collar's Matthew Bomer.

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Jaime said...

But James is such a jerk, especially to the girls! Have you watched any of the All-Star seasons that he's been on? I liked him at first, but grew to totally dislike him.