Friday, July 2, 2010

I May Scream For Ice Cream But I Squee For 'Scream!'...

I don't care what anyone says about the integrity of the genre or blah blah blah. Scream was the first horror movie I ever saw in a theater, and it gave me hope for the "new generation" of such films for putting a twist on an old formula without sticking a knife in it's back (or biting the proverbial hand that fed it, if you're not so desperate to use genre imagery). Unfortunately not many since it have lived up to the expectations, but for the original Ring and Saw. Maybe that is another rant for another time, though. For now, all I will say is that I'm super excited about Scream 4, even with what I consider a few questionable casting choices and the recent drama surrounding revisions to the script. In fact, I may be so excited that I hugged the poster display I saw of it in the AMC Universal City after catching a press screening of Toy Story 3. And since the original three were designed as a trilogy, and therefore certain rules followed because of it, this new batch will have to follow suit if it is to work to the best of its ability!

Now, where does the line form to camp out for tickets to this one??

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